Saturday, April 17, 2010

To see potential in unlike unlikely packages

I am reading Seabiscuit right now, and if you know me, you know I love the story of Seabiscuit and loved the movie too. It is a favorite. In the book on page 29 Laura Hillenbrand wrote "But Howard was blessed with an uncanny ability to see potential in unlikely packages." It is based on Howard seeing potential in trainer Tom Smith, then Seabiscuit, and later Red Pollard. I think it is important, in modeling,- and no matter what you pursue-, to see your own potential, to understand it, and to believe in the power of your self.

After reading Seabiscuit today I am I wrote in my own journal "if you don't have your self, you have nothing." And that can translate into many meanings but one meaning is that: if you have the belief in your self, understand yourself, and your true ability, and can rely on yourself, you have already a lot of what it takes to grow as a person and within your pursuits.

This past week I spoke at an event for Digital Book World called 7x20x21, during the event 20 slides of images that relate to your story are displayed on a screen behind you as you talk about your publishing journey, I spoke about my self-promotion and the importance of it, (hence writing my first book at the Apple store and my publishing pursuits which have been built on my own passion), here it is:
Enjoy! :) Only had 20 slides for 20 seconds each! What a rush!!

Mainly--- Giving yourself a chance is the biggest thing you can do for your self.


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