Monday, April 12, 2010

A thought on The Short Model's Agency Experience

Modeling is no joke work. It takes time and it is a major self investment. Being patient when it comes to carefully marketing what you DO have is important. Not rushing. Not just throwing your photos together and trying for more than five minutes is key to getting an agency to work with you.

I say work "with" you because an agency is not the total end all, there is still a lot of work to do for a shorter girl even when an agency is "working with you."

Thinking an agency is going to solve your model hopes and that an agency is all you need is the wrong mentality. To work consistently it takes a hustle in many directions. It is possible for a shorter girl to work with agencies but often it involves more than one agency working with you to work consistently. It involves freelancing and working non-exclusively with more than one agency. Print agencies also know this. The agency might like you, your look, personality, photos, comp card, and want to work with you but that doesn't mean your phone will ring every day. It is true.

For me, the agency is a major part, but just having an agency wanting to work with me at the start wasn't everything when it comes to my pursuits, --not just one agency, or agent or person at my early stages was going to give me what I wanted; it took and takes a whole lot more to work consistently.

Being confident, and knowing what YOU want out of your pursuits is important when striving to model when you are a shorter model. The best asset of a shorter model is having marketing skills, and to be good at research because working consistently takes more than one person working with you, usually.

Fashion modeling and commercial print modeling are totally different worlds, I can not stress enough a shorter girl has a more self-hands-on journey.

Being realistic about your pursuits is best, which is why I am giving it to you real: Even when you have an agency, it doesn't mean it gets easier, in many ways it only means more work, time, self investment, and energy that needs to be put towards your pursuits.

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