Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Short is short, but short models should know their proportions

I love being petite but no one ever says "I want to hire the short model" so I am going to stretch, work, and use what I've got to get the job done just as good as any tall giraffe." - isobella jade

These are shots of my legs. Keep in mind I am super short, prob shorter than you, and one of the shortest models in NYC, if not the shortest. But there are ways to appear longer, without Photoshop or airbrush, but really KNOWING your body and how to work with it as a shorter girl.

The idea in modeling if you are shorter is not to dwell on what you are not. Ok, so you are not giraffe tall. And heels can only really make you a few inches taller but if you know your body you can look more proportioned, longer in photos, and this CAN indeed help you book modeling work when you are short.

Trying to look a bit taller in modeling is not about "hating that you are short or wanting to be something you are not," instead it is about looking proportioned for the sake of the clients needs and wants. Ideally a client won't tell an agency " I want a 5'3" model, or 5'4" or even 5'5"" ...but if in your photos you can look longer, you could book some work. Here is an article on Looking Longer in Photos.

And here are some other thoughts:

I have done leg modeling and I am like the shortest model in NYC but I booked the job because in my photos I can pull off my proportions. Mentally short is short, but in visuals, photography, if a girl wants to model for brands and ad campaign, a product, even for beauty, skincare, shoes, accessories, it helps to know how to work your body, and look proportioned is what clients want.... I love being petite but when it comes to modeling work, I need to come off proportioned and looking a few inches longer in photos has helped me book work. They all know you are shorter. But it's about looking how the client wants you to look, I have had to stretch my legs, point my toes for modeling shoes in ad campaigns and some magazine editorials and I do recall the photographer and art director saying "point your toe more" stretch your legs a bit more."-- it is just how it is and if you know your body it can help you book a job as a shorter girl. I love being petite, and I am all about loving what you've got but there are certain tricks in modeling that can help a shorter girl book work. Looking proportioned, knowing how to move your body, it is an asset. I think to model well it helps to be a visual person, perceptive to understand both sides of the camera, so you can take direction well...When the photographer says, "move your foot to the left" can means their left, and just being able to understand direction and wanting to make the shot great, wanting to get the job done right.

Check out this weeks segment of Model Talk Radio and other segments here: The Self investment of Shorter Models.

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Mike said...

I think short girls rock. My gf is 5'1 (155cm) and I tell you she looks better than any giraffe I've ever seen in a passerelle. (and moves much better too...)

To every short girl out there: be confident. You look great!

Anonymous said...

I want to be a model, but I'm afraid I'm too short I'm 4'11 and a half. My weight is 80 pounds. Can I have any advice please, and I'm sixteen.