Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Petite of the Week is Nina!


This week Petite of the Week is Nina.

Nina says "A career in modeling takes a lot of determination and patience. I have been trying to pursue this career for three years now and have had many struggles that may have led to wrong decision making. With all the experience I’ve had so far, I now have a better understanding of what I want and I how I need to get there. My manager and I are working to launch my professional career as a commercial print model. It’s important to have a goal and focus in achieving it. My goal is to grow in the commercial print modeling industry and work with an agency."

Modeling is for all sizes, not for tall giraffes, and setting goals is a major way to get anywhere in modeling. Keep striving Nina!


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Jen May said...

Aww yay, I love my sister.