Friday, April 16, 2010

Petite of the Week is Hope Rosemary!


This week Petite of the Week is Hope Rosemary.

This is what she says about being a petite model:

As a petite model I always have to remember that what I am doing is not about me necessarily. It is my job to represent the agency or the product in a way that keeps true to the client and what they are looking for. I know my height, at only 5'4" on a good day (5'3 1/2" when gravity wins the battle), can be a disadvantage in this line of work, so I use my personality to make up for those inches. All of the work I've gotten came from networking and doing small favors that end up turning into jobs. I started out doing a favor for my brother, who is a photographer, and ended up being featured in 944 San Diego Magazine, it felt so amazing! I won't give up, I am a fighter and I know that I am meant to be working in this industry

Hope Rosemary

I like the personality and real smile that Hope is showing in her photos here and modeling those shoes (!), and that she mentioned how modeling isn't just about you, it is about the product you are modeling for. :)


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Michelle Ruiz said...

Congratulations Hope! You do a fantastic job modeling those shoes!