Thursday, April 22, 2010

Modeling with a photo plan

I heard from an aspiring model recently who told me about her struggles finding a professional photographer. And said she was using a model-site and that none of the photographers seem to show any interest. I'm thinking maybe my look doesn't match up to the photographer's style. Well I told her to skip the model-site and skip dwelling on if the photographer is showing interest, and that you have to create your own yourself and your goals, before you approach a photographer and to always aim for professionalism.

I hear about this topic a lot. A girl wants to model, goes to the Internet, and I know what it is like, I made those mistakes. I shot with the wrong amateur photographers for a year before I aimed higher and wanted more for myself. It takes time, it is not an overnight process to get the shots you need to best market your assets and YOU DO want to work with a professional. Someone who knows the craft of photography. Not just any one with a camera, but someone who understands photography as a craft. And someone that understands what print modeling is.
It is easy to use a model-site, to rely on someone commenting you but that is not real modeling, it is amateur.

She also included this: Can you lend me any advice on finding photographers or fixing my image in order to be marketable and have photographers want to shoot with me? I'll greatly appreciate your advice. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

I said: I hate model-sites like that, they are amateur and real modeling agencies do not find their models on them. Most of the "so called photographers" are not real professionals or know what real print models need. And it is a sad situation of trying to please the photographer before trying to please your self and get what YOU really need to market your self best to agencies so you can get some real modeling work.

You need 5-10 good print modeling shots.

Working as a model when you are shorter is about creating commercial print modeling shots that a print modeling agency could market. So I would spend some time focusing on approaching professional photographers, and even ...yes...paying for a headshot or some print modeling photos.

It is work and research and involves a perceptive eye to know what photos you need as a shorter print model, and also what professionalism is. So it is best to slow down, and not just wait for some amatuer to think your cute, but to focus on What It is that YOU NEED to get in the door with an agency and also best market you as a model.

The more you focus on getting what YOU need for your photography you will find you can cut to the chase, you don't need to appease an amateur photographer to get what you need. So focus on the headshot, the commercial print styled shots. And skip the model-sites. Many people on those sites are not professional or serious or really understand what print models need for photography at all. And if you want to work with agencies you have to have the mentality that you need to think about the photos you need. Here are some tips on that and making a comp card:

Getting a print modeling agency tips:

You are better off shooting with a photography student, a professional with a photography business and actually invest in yourself and pay for the photos you need from a professional. It is worth it. But don't rush into getting a whole $1000 portfolio shots, focus on getting some basic shots you need 5-10, and plan the shots out. The more you KNOW about the photos you need the better you can be at explaining what you need to a photographer. Many times girls regret rushing to a shoot without a plan, without knowing what they need and expecting even the professional photographer to figure it all out. I don't agree. As a model, you need to know what you need.

As always, rememebr, showing off your photos or picture on the Internet doesn't mean you are a model.

And don't settle for just shooting to shoot or shooting for the heck of it...if you are serious you have to create the marketable shots...and they are not something to rush through. They are easy shots but you should plan the shots out.


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