Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Modeling comp card envelope question answered

I received a facebook message that read:

"I have a couple of questions about sending out comp cards is there a specific envelope that should be used? And should I put my return address on the envelope?"

My reply:

An envelope from Staples typically a 6 X 9 should hold comp cards nicely.

You can put your return address on the envelope. But an agency won't mail you back typically. Typically they will call or not call, so send two comp cards one with your number on it, written, to contact you, and one without so they can keep it on file and send to their clients perhaps,...if they want to work with you they will call you, ask to meet you in person, and ask for more comp cards. Or they will ask you to mail them 10-20 more.

- isobella

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