Friday, April 16, 2010

The Model Epidemic: Amateur modeling = regrets

I just need to put this out there, I share a lot of insight and advice on how to get an agency and the photos you need and I dedicate a lot of time to sharing ways to grab your bootstraps and make yourself a model and the work it takes, and something that has been on my mind is how the Internet-age has inspired girls to degrade themselves through these model-sites.

A girl also recently asked me if her comp card should have amateur photos or professional and another girl introduced herself to me over Twitter as an amatuer model. I told them both to NOT use the word Amateur, use aspiring, striving, but never amateur...amateur leads to amateur results and really, basically leaves you stuck in amateur-land. Amateur just sounds like something not to take serious, so don't work with amateurs and don't call your self one.

I don't care how tall you are, you don't have to settle for amateur, model-sites, or working with amateurs.

I was talking to a journalist today and I told her that there is a Model Epidemic going on, and I explained to her how the Internet-age has inspired and meant that any girl can show off photos on the Internet. And this has inspired many model sites and amateurs to be seen and mingle. I also mentioned Photo Prostitution, which is something I feel strongly about bringing up. On model-sites, model profile hosting sites girls of any age can post photos of themselves, it is free, easy, however it is not legit, respect, and it is amateur land. It is the underground modeling world, where a guy with a camera/ an amateur photographer, or even a pervert or not so kind person, can mingle with girls who want to be models.

I was once that girl. I made those mistakes. I wrote about it in my memoir and I wanted more for myself, chased better things, got them, a lot of them, and I launched this blog to give real advice about how to get ahead without the scams, jerks, and amateurs. The thing is the higher you aim the more you get, it is not just inspiration it is the truth. If you want more for yourself you have to work hard, if you are looking for the short cut you won’t find results. Showing off photos on the web, going to strangers apartments, traveling around to shoot for the heck of it, having a rate to shoot you in any way or form the person holding the camera wants, is not modeling. Not even close. It is Photo Prostitution. Hundreds, if not thousands of girls are flocking these model-sites and it is my mission to let you know you can do better for yourself. Being seen, being photographed doesn’t mean it will get you where you want to go. And this leads me to the fact that most of these girls on model-sites are under 5’5”. Petite, feeling too short for an agency and shooting all the wrong photos even if they have the will and potential to be serious.

Being realistically ambitious about your pursuits so important. So you might not rock the catwalk but modeling is more than being a hanger. Modeling is about modeling products and if you are shorter you have to see modeling as “modeling lifestyle products” and “print modeling.” Shorter girls need to work harder at producing professional quality photos that highlight what they have beyond height, because models are working of all heights but it is because they have quality photos, professional, and are working with legit print modeling agencies and talent agencies and are not banking on being discovered.

Which also brings me to the importance of having a comp card and not relying on the web. Ok so you want to model skincare, hair care, beauty, accessories, lingerie, and fitness, well show it on your comp card. Show what you can do, height isn't everything in modeling but you have to show that you have more to offer than inches on your card. Mail the card to the print modeling agencies. Yes you will need stamps and envelopes. This is the way to get with a legit modeling agency and get sent on legit castings and get legit bookings.
Of course it takes more work, and self investment than downloading a photo on a model site, ---a monkey could do that!

I am sick of the Internet-age being an excuse for scams and amateur ways that lead to regret, mistakes, and frustration. I think it also comes down the realization that it takes work to get ahead as a model and a girl who is shorter has to understand that, and be able to handle it.

A comp card will get you further than a model-site ever will.

A girl who is shorter yes will have to work harder, and strive more and put in a marketing mindset and she will have to be more hands on with her pursuits. It is not easy! It’s not. I am not going to say it is. It is hard! Very! But the rewards are greater when you have a plan, when you are not just messing around with what you want to do. If you want an agency and you are shorter you do have to do the work to get it, the before-the-agency-work. Get proper photos, professional, have a comp card and portfolio. At a casting no one will care about how many hits your model-site got today.

Legit agencies are out there but you have to seek it out and you have to seek them out with a proper modeling comp card. And it takes more than the Internet-age.
Which brings me to Why Are Models Needed?: A model is hired to model for something legit, a brand, an editorial in a magazine, a commercial,-just having your photo-taken doesn’t mean you are a model, or working as one.
I am 100% for self promotion but I am 100% against an amateur model-site to make you a model.

The thing is also, 99% of these people on model-sites with cameras are not serious about photography, have never shot for anything credible, do not have a professional photography business and do not know how to even use the camera. Why would you want to work with someone who isn’t serious or skilled if you are or want to be? It is called TFP which means time for print, but usually the girls end up getting photos that have nothing to do with legit modeling, with bad lighting, bad poses, and bad outfits and hair styling that is more about teasing the person holding the camera than producing something that is going to propel and help the girl actually get somewhere in modeling and really be a model.

If you want to strive to do a photography photo test then do it with someone who has a legit photography business, has lighting skills and understands the equipment.
Showing off your body on the Internet doesn’t mean you are a model. It means you are a girl showing off. That doesn’t typically lead to a print modeling agency wanting to work with you. The photos are typically all wrong when they are shots taken by someone who doesn’t understand photography for a print model.

Over all it takes the self esteem and confidence, the work ethic to really get ahead when you are shorter, but in general modeling is a tough business and it is about “modeling FOR something”…not for someone’s pleasure. I call this interaction when a girl puts her photo on the Internet- and a person with a camera pays her Photo Prostitution and I hope you aim higher and want more because I don’t care how tall or short you are…if you want more, there is more to get.

(Also remember what is downloaded on the web stays. Even if you delete it or think you did or asked someone to take a photo down, it can stay, the web doesn't forget and it stays.)

When you want to be a model, work as a model, call your self one, remember: " The first step is believing in your self, the second is being realistic and honest with yourself, the third is having the will to try and put yourself out there, in the right ways, with the right photos, to the right agencies, and expecting the journey of it, it is not an over night thing....remember the higher you aim the more you get. There is no point in being desperate to be seen, desired and wanted that you end up in amateur land.

Please think twice about these amteur model-sites,

- Isobella

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