Friday, April 9, 2010

Keeping the confidence, keeping the belief in yourself

A girl on Facebook sent me a message that read: I want to know how to you keep going how do you keep up ur confidence? What do you ?

My reply:

It is hard. It is not easy. I go through like 1000 emotions a day and creating a dream and striving for what you want, involves ALOT of work, a positive attitude, and involves setting goals. Every day I set goals for my self to accomplish, also I set weekly goals, things I can aim for! I do this for not just modeling pursuits but for my publishing and whole brand and business as a whole. I also mix it up, I will pursue one angle for a few hours and then pursue another project. I am always active. I need to keep my self going so I set goals. I also read biographies of women and people who have strived on their own, been an underdog, I like reading about the journey of how people strive. Not to follow them, or even consider them a hero but just to be reminded that hard work pays off and that striving is worth it and I love stories of women and people who strive for what they want. I watch movies about inspirational people; I fill my life with things that inspire me. :)
striving towards something that is a challenge is emotional, and having a positive spirit is totally important to keep the inner engine going. More than how you look, More than your height, a positive spirit and confidence is important when chasing anything.


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