Monday, April 26, 2010

Is your photography working for your modeling goals?

I think models have to think.
I think before an aspiring model gets infront of the camera she has to have a goal for the shot. Wasting time shooting just to shoot something, wasting money and the experience can easily happen without a plan.

At the start of my pursuits as a model I just thought being infront of the camera was enough, but it's not. Models should be more in tune with the photography they need to get ahead, and the more prepared you are, the better.

Modeling op is about marketing what you DO have. No matter your height, so express this in your photos.

Know the photos you need ahead of time for your modeling compcard and what type of photos an agency wants to see.

Set modeling goals before the photo shoot, think about what you can realistically model, think about modeling for products, think about modeling for something, modeling is more than just your self looking pretty it is about selling something, using your personality and self, look, energy and what you naturally have, to sell the image of a product, brand, company, or concept for a magazine editorial.

The more prepared you are infront of the camera the better.

5 tips to taking a proper print modeling photo.

1. Notice ads and editorials ahead of time, before you get infront of the camera.
2. Get in front of the mirror and practice your poses and notice how your body changes when you move a certain angle.
3. It might sound weird but practice your smile, as a print model it is your best asset, personality sells in print modeling
4. Don't rush. Don't just get a photo shoot planned and then blow it because you are just focusing on the experience of being in front of the camera and not the real purpose or goal of the shoot.
5. Have fun. Listen to music you like, and bring your own ideas and input into the shoot. You are not just a rag doll.

You are investing in your modeling goals and photography for your comp card and portfolio is important to create professionally. Models are hired not for just how they look in person but also how they look when photographed, so show in your photos you know how to model naturally, because these days models are not just one type or size. Show it in your photos, and you have a better chance of booking the work you want to get and realistically can get.


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