Monday, April 12, 2010

The Handbag MODEL LIFE book contest winners

Last week I asked aspiring models who read this blog to submit photos of themselves modeling a handbag, or showing a handbag in the shot, to win a signed copy of my graphic novel "MODEL LIFE: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior"!

I received many submissions but something that was missing in some of them was the word "natural", which is such an important part of working as a print model. Print modeling is about your personality, being natural, showing the natural you. Her are 3 tips to create a natural shot while modeling a handbag or accessory product.

1. It is about you, but also the photo is about the product. Angling your body to awkward, or creative, or standing to arched and bent funny can look stiff and just plain weird, so remember trying too hard with your pose is a no, no. Model the product like you really are using it, holding it, in the shot.

2. Over styling the clothing you wear for the shot is important to notice,-- do not over style the shot to make you appear too fashion forward. This can actually hurt you, because a print modeling agency is looking for girls with a natural look, and showing yourself in a basic outfit is better than over-doing the styling and makeup. If the shot is about jewelry ok, or a funky handbag ok, but don't over kill it. Bring your pretty face forward, your personality too.

3. Time and again the SMILE is a big thing I advocate about. A smile shot is so important for print models and shorter models. A must-have shot, and VERY few of the submissions included a smile :(

The winners of the handbag contest are Suki and Ciara. I do wish Suki had a smile in the shot, Ciara's little grin is in the right direction of print modeling but wish it was a full smile, and I like how both of them posed naturally. Not trying overly hard to model the bag. Suki's shot right below, looks like an ad for a shoe or Handbag Company and I like that, accessories are good to show in your shots if you are shorter. However I wished the handbag was not covered by her arm as much but her skin looks nice and the shot shows she has confidence and has a nice skin-tone. Nice skin is a shorter girls asset and can help a shorter girl can an agency. Mostly she is not trying too hard, she looks like she is modeling something but in a natural way. It is not all about over kill attitude -it is about her. In fashion you can pout and angle your body in funky innovative ways, but in print modeling it is a totally different thing.

Ciara took this photo herself and I like her grin and she also shows us her nice hands and nails while modeling the handbag, perhaps she could also pursue hand modeling, and to model any accessory well having nice has is a good thing to have. The pose is simple but it is perfect for modeling a mid-size handbag and it is all about the bag, she has the right idea going on. With a professional photographer I think she can nail some good accessory modeling shots for her comp card.

If you were not chosen this time, I do hope you will still check out "MODEL LIFE: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior" because I wrote it for pint-size striving models and girls like us :) and it is based on my own adventures modeling.

Stay tuned, I only picked 2 winners this time, but there will be more contests coming up, the next one will involve hands for hand modeling-hand modeling is a job perfect for a shorter girl with small hands, most shorter girls DO have small hands, ---and if you submitted to the handbag a contest you also will be considered to be Petite of the Week, because height isn't everything in modeling, Aim high!


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