Monday, April 19, 2010

Feeling too short to model? Think again

Not only tall giraffes are in ad campaigns modeling products. If you notice more than fashion magazines and more than fashion ad campaigns you will notice models are not all supermodel tall.

Modeling and the advertising world go hand in hand, what the product or brand needs the ad campaign has to express, and the thing more brands are needing is "the natural girl", and what they are looking for is not narrow minded towards just one type of model anymore.

Girls ask me often, how can I get into modeling?

It starts with understanding where you fit within the word model. Because being a model has more than one meaning, (modeling is about modeling FOR something) and people of all ages are models. Maybe it is not talked about enough, and I hope this blog has enlightened you, because the better you are at marketing what you do have with professional photos, a comp card and portfolio, to the right agencies-- the better.

If what you picture is only a fashion model when you think of the word model, you are missing out on alot.

The more you rely on yourself, and understand that your self is what will get you opportunities, and not someone to discover you, the better.

The shorter girl who is not 5'9" or 5'10 has a more hands on journey based on what you put into it.

You have to mail the print agencies
You have to make the comp card
You have to get the portfolio
You have to be prepared ahead of time, before you get in front of the camera and know ahead what type of photo you DO need to really get opportunities.

It is work. It is time. Effort. And endurance is a major part of modeling and making yourself a model.

The more effort and time you put into your pursuits, and crafting the right photos, and investing in what you need to have to prepare you for working as a model, the better.


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