Friday, April 2, 2010

Can a model market themselves for two divisions? Answered.

I have been out of town and visiting with family for a few days, today went to the Finger Lakes, so sorry about the lack of a post yesterday. I received an email about modeling when you look younger than the age you are:

A girl with a young look asked me recently: *Do you think I can/should market myself to be able to do work for calling for teens as well as adults?

My reply:

Print agencies work w model of all ages so send them a comp card looking like you naturally and with smiles, and if you have a young look then maybe show a shot in a promish dress that also could have a brides maid look as well, and submit the cards to the agency, or if the agency has divisions send to teen or adult divisons, not kids....

I think that no matter your age # 1 is creating the right marektable photos and creating photos that show your personality, assets, and smile are important if you are shorter than 5'7". Mainly because you need to target print modeling agencies. So create these photos look like catalog shots, showing you can model a product, and have a commercial print feel.

So make sure you have the right photos for print modeling as a whole no matter your age.

Here are examples of commercial print modeling photos for someone 20-30:

If you are a teen here are examples of photography to create:

You will notice that no matter your age a smile is always in the shot.

Make a compcard with commercial print styled shots and send it to a print modeling agency.

Then when they call you to set up a meeting to meet you, you can mention your young look and suggest that if they have castings for the teen market to think of you. Since you have a young look.

If the agency agrees then you can offer or ask about making two comp cards. Or just use one and have some youthful but natural (not cheesy) shots on the card as well.

You could make two cards perhaps, 1 with a more teen look and 1 with more of a young adult college student or with more of a sophisicated look but the main thing is that your photos need to show personality for print modeling. And remember print models make their own modeling compcards and alot of them do it themselves, this task and hands-on aspect to create your marketing materials for an agency to use is a part of beig a print model.

Just don't get scammed by an amatur agency rippin you off on photos!! Just say no!

Commercial print modeling is about personality. But submit to agencies first your first compcard... You don't wanna come off too young or cutsy that's not the goal even if you have a young look, you should appear happy, like you are modeling the jeans, handbag, dress, shoes. Then the agency will see your personality and if they think they could book you work they will call you. So right now focus on getting some professional photos, natural smile headshots,etc.

Here is a post on Why You Need a Comp Card BEFORE The Agency for a Shorter Model for Print Modeling:

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