Saturday, April 3, 2010

Aspiring models need to be picky with photography

A photo might look cool, be fun to shoot but that doesn't mean it is a photo that will best market you as a model. Or intrigue an agency or get you work modeling for a brand, product or mag. Know what type of photos you NEED. Focus on getting the RIGHT stuff and waste less time. The more YOU KNOWabout the photography you NEED the better Your opportunity. The better your chances when submitting to a print modeling agency. Expect an investment and a time consuming pursuit. It takes time to create marketable photos, and plan the best shots, but I highly suggest you take the time it takes. No rush, only planned and quality photos get you further, --keep striving and the more you want and the higher you aim for quality within your photos-- the better :)

Spending time on your marketing material, creating compcard an carefully selecting the images you use is not something to rush or throw together..being picky about it is a good idea because a compcard is your first impression for mailing agencies and at ur castings it will be what you leave to be remembered later.


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