Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An aspiring model should submit to casting directors

If you are an aspiring model you should also submit to casting directors, casting directors work with ALL types of models, "real people". For an aspiring model a print agency might not start asap working with you, without any experience, but I would submit your headshot and comp card to casting directors to get your feet wet.

A good source to find casting directors is THE Call Sheet (it used to be called The Ross Reports), it is a little booklet with listed casting directors, it is put out by backstage. At Bookstores in magazine section.

Here I am talking about The Call Sheet:

Casting director’s book talent for work on commercials, print work, and film and theater work. If you are an aspiring model write to the casting director a short note on what areas you are interested in and submit your headshot and comp card. And include a resume, if you do not have any experience list your skills, any clubs or organizations you are a part of.

A print modeling agency at first, without experience, might be tough to get in the door with, but you could be submitting to other options, casting directors are a good to consider mailing your comp card and headshot to as well.


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M.LideCana said...

great tip! thank you