Friday, April 9, 2010

Arizona modeling and talent agencies

Here is a list of some print modeling and talent agencies in Arizona. I received a request from an aspiring model who was having a hard time finding an agency in Arizona. Again, I have not worked with these agencies and I am featuring only ones that appeared to be legit based on their requirements for submissions and the ones that didn't appear to scams or charge ridiculous rates for scamming photo packages. There are legit agencies out there. I believe a print model should always manage herself. Be in charge of her goals. In print modeling it is not about being "signed" exclusively to one agencies, it is about working non-exclusive and this is how print models work typically. Beware of paying an agency anything ahead of time for photos, and you can always say no and that you'd like to create your own photos and comp card. Also you do not have to pay to be on an agency website ahead of time, this is a scam. An agency is a wonderful thing to have as a great marketing tool for your modeling pursuits, but do not rush into this. Find the right agencies, create the right photos and, take notice that most legit modeling agencies want you to have professional photos ahead of time, a comp card, a portfolio that = being ready to work and attend castings. For a comp card try say I referred you. DO NOT EMAIL YOUR PHOTO TO AGENCIES, IT GETS LOST MOSTLY AND REAL AGENTS WANT YOU TO HAVE PRINTED MARKETING MATERIAL ALREADY. SO BE PREPARED.
There ARE good agencies out there, good agents, and you can find a good agency.
Here is a list of tips on finding an agency and knowing if it is a good one if you are confused about a certain agency:

As with anything featured on this blog, if you feel a concern among these agencies listed you can contact me at,

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Anonymous said...

AMAM is a scam even if it's a SAG franchised agency. The owner of AMAM tries to make money out of her talents. At first she sends the talent to her own photographers to get a new headshot even if the talent has already a strong portfolio. She tries to SELL business cards, headshots and comp cards with the agency logo.
A legitimate modeling agency will never ask you to pay. They will invest in you and make their money back when they get you working. Another thing that models legitimately need but should never be expected to pay for is a comp card with the agency logo. Seriously, the agency and only the agency is going to use those comp cards with the logo and it's not acceptable to pay for those. The agency owner plays favorites and only advertises a few talents by posting their news and pictures on the agency website or on her facebook page. She only sends e-mails with the GOOD opportunities (not 100$ gigs) to her "favorite" talents and if you are not one of them...well you will keep finding your own gigs through Craiglist and ModelMayhem.