Friday, March 19, 2010

A theory on preventing fashion fabric waste

Waste in fashion bothers me. Each year many retailers have y garments that just do not sell well. It makes me wonder: What happens to the clothes? This fabric? Could it be used for something else?

I was recently told that a well known retailer throws in the trash clothing and garments that do not sell.

My eyes went wide! What the heck!

Maybe the real estate building of retail stores could collect the garments that are not selling or have been on the sale rack for weeks and donate the items to a charity like Dress for Success or donate it to a country in need, or give the fabric to a fashion school so fashion students to use and deconstruct and create something of use, value for education or fun.

We have become a world all about the next season, the next design trend, but designers and brands should not waste the fabric they use or which is not being used. Maybe elements of the fabric can be used in future designs? The thought of the wasted fabric urks me.

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