Sunday, March 7, 2010

Teen modeling and photography tips for agency submissions

A 14 year old girl recently wrote me about photography and agencies “I've had a couple offers on shoots and would love to get into an agency. Would it be better to just stick with photographers if they keep wanting shoots and agencies aren't replying? I know agencies have a lot of respect and that is where the big people look and not with local... See More photographers. Thanks so much for all this advice, I have spent most of my weekends looking up agencies and contacting people about which ones are more respectable. I'm so glad you're here! =] Thanks a lot”

Hi Hun, Well, if you are not hearing from an agency it is best to focus on getting more professional photos, it could be the photos not you. No it is not a good idea to work with photographers that just want to shoot with you. That sounds amateur to me so also please be careful of so-called photographers and amateurs. ONLY work with professional photographers. Doing a photo shoot doesn’t mean you will get professional photos unless it is with a real professional photographer who understands what real models need to market themselves and the photography agencies want to see.

Also I suggest working on your pursuits with your parents, you do not want to pursue or try to alone.

When working with a photographer aim for professionalism and it does involve investing in yourself to get the headshot and photos you need for your model comp card. It is best to strive to get headshots and that photos you really need that agencies want to see. Shooting just to shoot isn't the best thing, it is a waste of time usually, and it sounds like an amateur situation. Please stay away from online model-sites and remember just because a person wants to photograph you it doesn’t mean they are professional, so beware and be careful. It is best to focus on getting the marketing materials and photos you really need to get opportunities as a model, a headshot, catalog type shots, shots showing your personality and energy, think teen Vogue, Seventeen, Mudd Jeans, things like that. Teen need to be extremely careful about the photos they put out there, so make sure you are only working with a professional photographer, and stay away from model-sites and do not post revealing photos on Myspace, Facebook, or anything like that, it could ruin your modeling goals. What you put out there reflects your capabilities as a model, so always beware and be careful about the images you put out there, make sure they are professional. Always. Here are some more tips on teen modeling:

These images from the Alloy catalog are good examples of the type of photos a teen aspiring model should have. I hope it helps!

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