Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shorty Award! The Petite of the Week is Kendra


It's my favorite day of the week, Wednesday, Petite of the Week day!

Kendra is from Muncie, IN and I like her positive attitude when she recently wrote me and said, " I believed the myth that all models had to be 5'9 or above, so I never gave it a second thought. I actually discovered that wasn't true once I became represented by an agency representing both actors and lifestyle/commercial models. I was told to dive into modeling (by an agent mind you) because of my marketable energy and smile. I know that I can't be on the runway, nor do I want to be. It requires more skill and beauty to be a commercial model. I have booked several national ads 3 years into my modeling career, but I'm most proud of my tearsheet from Man Alive clothing stores because it proves that petites CAN model clothes in print...and not only that- I'm curvy to boot! So petite CURVY women can model clothes too! :-) Don't let your height stop you!!!! Kendra "

I agree with Kendra and there many, many brands and retailers out there, which means a need for mroe types of models. Hold tight to your goals and pursuits, set goals, aim for them, be realistic and ambitious about it. Opportunities can be appear with focus and ambition, a realistic mindset and belief.


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