Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The scoop on fashion and the shorter model

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Recently on my Facebook wall the topic of fashion agencies came up.

Many fashion agencies do have commercial and lifestyle divisions however if you go to their websites, typically you will not find one girl under 5'8" --on the Elite website they are all tall, I mean 5'8" 5'10 tall, NY Models all tall girls too, Ford has print and parts division, but typically Ford models are 5'8 and kids division, they have a kids open call coming up: --and of course there are exceptions, and I always say aim high, but be realistically ambitious, if you are banking on fashion agencies signing you and you are 5'6", 5'5" ,5'4", 5'3", 5'2" then you should understand what commercial print modeling is and where you fit in the business of modeling and where you should put your energies to get is best to submit to print modeling agency your comp card or photos. Most girls who want to model these days are new to understanding the difference of fashion and commercial print and most are shorter than fashion height.

Here is a post I've written on the differences:

So for those that are new to modeling, there is nothing wrong with trying, submitting a snapshot, but you will notice open calls have height requirements and, sure of course, try, go for it, but also realistically I suggest striving to get experience with a print modeling agency, and Lauren Green is well respected print modeling agency in NYC but typically for models 25 and older, and there are many print modeling agencies out there, here is a list of some in NYC:

Really it comes down to researching in your town print modeling and talent agencies and casting directors and having your marketing material ready. A comp card and and portfolio, a headshot for commercial and TV work. Put it this way there are more print modeling agencies than fashion agencies. It's just up to you to find them and seek out the opportunities. There is a major amount of hands-on, self- investment and self-involvement to work as a model when you are not fashion height, and no matter your height modeling is tough!...However if a fashion agency's print division doesn't welcome you then remember there is a lot more out there, and there are many commercial print agencies out there and for a shorter girl THAT is where it is at.

Getting a print modeling agency to work with you is work. And I talk often about what it talks to create photos, make a comp card, and market your self to the right agencies.

I don't want girls to feel discouraged if fashion shuts the door in their face because fashion agencies do not typically work with shorter girls, under 5'7" unless you are a teen or child, but do be prepared for the hansd-on work that is involved with working with a commercial print modeling agency, talent agency and cast is a way more hands-on world than fashion.

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