Thursday, March 25, 2010

Put yourself out there like Josie, inspiration for your day and example of commercial print modeling

So I am on Twitter and I see a message from @Fitarella saying: @YumYucky you should ask @IsobellaJade about it. She is a modeling expert for us not-so-tall types :-)

So I checked out @YumYucky (Josie Maurer) and I see that she just landed in the pages of Family Circle Magazine!

Congrats on the Claritin Allergy ad! And Josie is also the blogger of (Check that out too!) and she writes about "finding balance between fitness and your greedy side."

I love that she used who she naturally was to land this ad opportunity. Commercial print modeling is about using what you DO naturally have to market brands and products. Here is the ad which is in the April 17, 2010 and May 2010 issues of Family Circle Magazine!

On her blog she goes into detail about how she landed the Claritin Allergy ad: "I follow Fitness Magazine on Twitter and Facebook (don’t you?). They did an open call of sorts for people with allergies to submit their photos for an opportunity to be featured in a Claritin ad in one of Meredith Corporation’s family of magazines. So I submitted my pic along with my story about how I can NOT be around my cat for too long, ‘lest I ingest the Claritin. In the absence of Claritin, the feline species causes my eyes to burn, my nostrils to pour, my throat to hack, and my attitude to get real bitchy. You don’t want to witness that.

Out of approximately 150 prospects, I was selected to take part along with 4 other people, including Kristin from Iowa Girls Eats.

My prize was to be swept away to New York City this past January. On day one, the Meredith people fed me some greedy-good food, put me up in a nice hotel and sent me for a manicure. And then I ate and drank some more at dinner. Like salmon and cheesecake and wine. Uh uh.

On day two, there was an entourage of WONDERFUL people who did my hair, got me into wardrobe and make up, and made me feel uber-special."

You can check out post on the shoot here:

Models are not just one height, or type, modeling is about modeling something, what have you modeled lately? Aim high!


Yum Yucky said...

Isobella, thank you so much for the spotlight. I am delighted!

The tips on your blog are extremely helpful and provide much needed insight. Bravo to YOU!

Fitarella said...

So awesome.This is exactly why I love
social media and connecting with people.
I found you yesterday through Ted Rubin
And then I immediately thought of you
During my tweets with Josie. And now here
You are posting about her ad -SO COOL!

Keep doing what you do. Your work
Is inspiring. We are all beautiful.

Lance said...

Josie rocks!!! Very awesome that you are featuring here here, Isobella!