Thursday, March 11, 2010

Portland, Oregon Modeling Agencies

A 14 year old girl recently asked me about modeling agencies in Portland, Oregon, if I lived in Portland, Oregon I'd mail these Modeling Agencies for print work, also I think it is a good idea to pay attention to talent and agencies that have talent for acting because acting and print modeling are friends. There are some that caught my eye. I am basing my search on agencies that appear to NOT be scams and agencies that do not charge fees ahead of time to work with them.
((If you are under 18 I would look at the girls section and notice the photos the models have, and submit a similar headshot, to their lifestyle models division. It mentions on their website under submit that they have open calls but states:
There is no open call for anyone younger than 14, so please submit all children online.

So if under or a child or teen, do not submit photos in swimwear, that is only for adults for their Women divisions, send instead a headshot and a smile shot if you are under 18 through an email, a small jpeg is best of your face and smile.))

For fitness modeling, (no you don't have to be a buff jock to do fitness modeling)

Mail a headshot and or comp card to:
Muse Model Management
1125 SE Division St, Suite # 218, Portland, OR, United States, 97202
They do have most likely a height requirement but if you are 14 and show personality and a smile within your photos for print modeling they might consider it.
They have many divisions, and a petite and plus division as well, however send photos that are similar to the models they have shown on the website. Check out the website first so you make sure you send appropriate photos, you can submit by following the suggestions here on their website.
Do not email photos, this is for acting work and background work, only follow their submissions guidelines which ask you submit here headshot, resume:
Look over the models on the website and always send the appropriate photos.
For kids, infants up to age 15, always and only send the appropriate photos.
Only submit by postal mail headshot, resume.

My recent segment on Model Talk Radio shared 5 tips to a modeling agency when you're short, listen to the segment and others here:

If you have a modeling agency suggestion for Portland, Oregon email me at, thanks.
Voice over agency:


Anonymous said...

I live in southern california, so you would think itd be easy to find a modeling agency... but alas, I am barely 5'4" so I can't seem to find any. Do u hav any suggestions? (i'll be 15 in june, if that helps any)

Unknown said...

Hi Nadia, Considering your age and height I would focus on researching print modeling agencies. Kids divisions, teen divisions. And Talent Agencies. Google the nearest industrial city + the words talent agency or modeling agency. Spend some time with a parent researching also local brands in your area, a hair salon might need a model, a local jewelry brand, attend a tradeshow, try to promote yourself to get some legit experiences locally. Big TIP: Stay away from Internet modeling, and do not post your image on the Internet to promote yourself as a model. Mostly risks and mistakes happen by doing so. Be careful! Because there are many scams out there I have to mention that. The Internet is not a legit way to promote any professional modeling pursuit no matter your age. And the Internet is not respected in the real business of modeling. I would strive to get a professional headshot, create marketable photos and I would confide in your parent before doing a photo shoot to make a modeling comp card. Here is a post on teen modeling tips for the photos you need, read this:

I think these tips will help you, or you can send other questions to
:) isobela

Unknown said...

I am looking into a couple agencies in Southern California, and I found this:

You will notice how it says to be prepared, and have your own modeling comp card to send by postal mail.

I think having your own comp card is very important for aspiring models.

Tip: When looking for an agency keep in mind that an agency that has Testimonials is typically a scam. A legit professional agency doesn't need to convince you they are professional and doesn't need their talent to speak on their behalf about how great they are. Never pay an agency to on their website, and do not think you have to pay for the agencies photography service, you don't. It is prob a scam!

Sunshine Comstock said...

I live in Eugene, OR. I'm 5'6'' and 18 years old. Would I ever possibly be able to do fashion prints? Or should I just stick to lifestyle? Also, what's a good place to get comp cards?


Unknown said...

Hi Sunshine, Many commercial print modeling agencies work with girls of all sizes, so stick to mailing your comp card to print agencies. Many print agencies do not have open calls. For comp cardstry (you can tell them I refered you) there is a link on my blog on the right side as well, ~Isobella

irish jess said...

How do I find a legit agency for my infant daughter that takes their own pictures instead of me spending hundreds of dollars of my own money on pictures that an agency might not even like? My daughter has the long eyelashes, baby blues, dimpled chin and porceline skin.... I've been told that she is definitely modeling material but I want to find an agency that has been around for a while and doesn't have a history of scams.... Can you help?

lexa marie said...

hi isobella im a 14 year old who is 5'9 and lives in OR.and i recently took a interest in modeling.but i am stuck on where to start. im pretty athletic and have a very bubbly upbeat happy personality and have really taken a liking to modeling and the thought of having my pictures in magazines.could you give me some beginner tips on where to start?and how im going to get to where i want to be in the modeling business.thanks so much

:) lexa marie

Unknown said...

Hey , i live in Oregon , Tualatin & im 14 years old , my height is 5'3 and i want to be a model , i know i only fit in to commercial print model not runway & i need some help on how to get started .

Anonymous said...

My name is Ashley and I am 5'10 with weight of 155 and looking to becoming a model I am worried about my weight and the size of my breast DD. Any tips? And best ways to get started??

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm 14 and in Beaverton, OR and have been interested in modeling. I am 5'4 I have a little stomach but I can get rid of that I'm wondering if you can help me find a right agencie or just a casting call. I have no idea how to start at all, any tips would be great!

Anonymous said...

Hey, my name is Jo I am 15 and and now finally brace-less! I am 5'6.5, I weigh 101 and I am in great physical shape, long and lean. My parents and friends have always said I should be a model but I'm a little short and I have no idea how to get started on the right track. I live in NW Oregon; any tips, guide lines, or hints would help!

Thank you so much
-M. Jo

Monika said...

Hi, I'm 16 and live in Vancouver Wa.I've been searching for agencies, but since i'm only 5'1" it's been difficult. Suggestions??

Olivia said...

I'm Olivia, and I live in Portland. I'm only really interested in hand modeling, so if I could get info for an agency that is looking for hand models that would be perfect. :)

Olivia said...

I live in Portland, and I'm looking for an agency that would be interested in hand models. I'm 16 and 5'4/117lbs so I'm not really interested in showing my body.

maira said...

hello there i am wanting to help out in doing hair and makeup for modeling agencies.. any suggestions?