Thursday, March 18, 2010

Photography tips for photographers on what the print modeling agency wants

With many girls wanting to be models and the commercialism of photography I get questions daily about photography for models, recently I received on one Facebook from an aspiring photographer asking about how to create the right photography for models so they can submit the shots to an agency. Or in other words, what type of photography does a print modeling agency want to see?

My reply:
Well, I believe in the "monkey see monkey do" mindset, and the "commercial" part of commercial print means using the personality to sell a product, service or brand. Also magazine editorials sometimes use commercial print models as well for beauty and the photos for the lifestyle stories.

Learning by what we see, and the examples out there, can inspire us and help us with our own goals.

For a photographer who wants to create a photo for a model that a model can use to get a print modeling agency, it is best to pay attention to the type of photography you see on print modeling agencies websites. These photos are usually involving the modeling smiling, showing personality in the photo and her outfit is usually not as fashion forward. She might be in jeans, a tank top, a dress, but the appeal of the shot is more about her smile and personality than the clothing. The reason: Commercial print models sell their personality more than their measurements or height. In high Fashion the models are less about personality and smiles and more about making the clothing look good with their attitude coupling the shot.

A print modeling agency wants to see the models personality shine in her photos. A print agency wants to see the models smile and her natural self. Similar to the photos above.

Also I would study ads and commercials involving models that are smiling and modeling a product such as a handbag, a shoe, a cell phone, a travel ad, jewelry,- lifestyle products that every day women use. This is a commercial print model in the ad.


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