Thursday, March 25, 2010

Philadelphia Modeling Agencies and Talent Agencies and tips for submissions

Here are some agencies in the Philadelphia market, and if you live in NJ near Philly submit as well. Follow the directions on the submission process: seems more fashion than commercial print however Pittsburgh, PA

Models On The Move Model & Talent Agency

Mail comp cards to:
Lucy King, Designated Agent and Owner

1200 Route 70, Barclay Towers, Suite 6, P.O. Box #4037, Cherry Hill, NJ, 08034


To work with a modeling agency you should NEVER pay to register on their website, don’t think you have to, don’t be forced into it, or feel pressure to do so.
Having your own comp card and managing your own self while working with modeling agencies is always best. I don’t like the idea of an agency marketing me online to their clients. An agency should have enough of a relationship with a client that the client calls them or the agency sends over select photos in jpgs of the models that would be good for the job or the agency would refer the client to their website, but you should never pay to be on an agency website.

Also, despite the internet, you NEED a comp card. Ask the modeling agency to use your comp card to market you, create your own photography and print your own cards, save money and also prevent scams by doing so. Legit agencies will at least “work with” the comp card you give them even if it is not perfect. I still believe in the postal mail and legit agencies do as well. Send your photos in the postal mail, show you are serious and more than just a jpeg but that you are prepared. That you have professional print modeling tools. A comp card, portfolio, and even a headshot.
A legit agency may suggest you use a certain photographer but for print modeling, commercial print modeling agencies, and talent agencies and casting directors, do not feel that you MUST use their photography service, take their classes, etc. You do not have to and don’t feel pressure to do so. These agencies seem pretty legit, I do not know them personally, and if you have thoughts on working with a modeling agency here email me at

To prevent scams when hunting for modeling agencies, put the modeling agencies name in google search + scam.

Also recently a model in Philadelphia told me about a popular agency charging her to be on the website. This was my reply:

DO NOT feel you must pay to be on an agency website. This is wrong and it makes me SOOOOO mad when agencies imply you must pay to be on their website. This is not so, and don't feel forced into it. More than ever more agencies are telling aspiring models to pay to be seen by clients on their website. I don't agree. An agent has build a business by having good relationships with their clients, the brand, the editor, the ad agency which cast models for their projects,--an agency should not be relying on a database to book their models, that is just amatuer and even in this Internet-age it is not right. Just because more girls want to be models and more agencies are working with more different types of models that doesn't mean it is ok to charge them to be on their website. That is just wrong. I work with great agencies and refuse and do not pay to be on their website, and if asked I'd refuse. At the high fashion agencies I heard that the models have the rate of these things taken out of their paychecks, well it is one thing if it is taken out of a job that the agency books you, but if you are paying upfront to be seen on a website of a talent or commercial print modeling agency, keep looking! There is legit out there, you do not have to pay to be seen on a modeling agency website. Don't think you do.

Check out these agencies, I do not live in Philadelphia but they seem ok. If I am wrong always email me about it. Consider the above, and I suggest being prepared with a comp card and portfolio, the more prepared you are the more you can prevent scams no matter where you live. I suggest mailing the agency by postal mail your comp card. A modeling agency is a great help and asset for your modeling goals because the modeling agency has the contacts with the brands that need models for the better and bigger paying modeling jobs, but don't get scammed or think there are not other options. There are. It is work, time, an investment, but aim high, crave more, better, professional, and get it! Goodluck!


lea said...

Yes isobella,
These agencies are ALL legit. I know many people who work with them. The author of "How to become a professional print model" works with expressions.

Anonymous said...

Hi thank you so much for you comments on agencies charging a fee for putting you on their site. I went to a casting call for Wilhelmina PA and the start u[p costs are about $1800 about $300 of it is to be on their website SHADY!!!!!!!!

Cher said...

Hi Isobella!

Thank you so much for the post. I am seriously considering applying to a few of these agencies. I am new to this industry and I really wanted to ask you how it all works- like if you do get signed with an agency, will they just send you job offers or will you always need to go on casting calls first? Also, I am a grad student and I was wondering if it is realistic to expect to be able to do this kind of work on a part- time basis.

Thanks so much and keep up the great work. You are truly an inspiration to women everywhere <3