Tuesday, March 2, 2010

not modeling to feel beautiful

At the start of my pursuits I modeled to feel pretty, hot, beautiful, to get a comment, etc. But when I realized modeling isn't about me, me, me but about modeling for something. Then I started marketing myself as a model because I was a good model. And strived to show in my photos that I COULD model a product well. And that I had assets beyond my height to market. It was important to market that I was a good model, not just that I was just pretty or cute. Once I had the confidence to really model, and understood what a model really was used for, the real modeling opportunities came.

When I stopped modeling to feel beautiful and instead started modeling for the marketing mindset involved with modeling something, I got opportunities.

When I started focusing on not just creating a cool photo but creating a marketable one I could really market myself to agencies and get legit jobs.

When I put the ego part of it away, the words be a model, work as a model, become a model started to happen.

Modeling should not be something to pursue to feel pretty, or boost an ego. There is a lot of rejection in modeling.

If you understand the marketing side of working as a model and why models are used, you will see that models are all shapes and sizes but you should not rely on modeling to feel pretty or for an ego boost.

Sure in fashion models are all giraffe tall, but print models and the women and girls you see modeling products in commercials and print ads are not all one type.

Model to put to use what you do have.

Marketing what you DO have, photographing it, putting together a comp card and getting in in front of the people who make choices about what models represents their brands image, should be your goal. :)

Aim high, get more! Be realistic, make it happen,

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