Friday, March 5, 2010

Modeling, striving and the psychology of self love

On my Facebook Wall I wrote today: "It is common to dwell on what we don't have, what we are not, but that usually doesn't bring you forward towards your goals and happiness while chasing them, focus on what you DO have, and using what you DO have to get ahead. It is so important in modeling, and in life, to accept, use and give attention to what you do have."

A comment from a striving model was: "YES and I was just dwelling on the don't haves but I'm over it so thanks for posting, came right on time. Also I just want to say that I got a newsletter from my agency with some really valuable info and one casting director said to make a list of all the reason WHY you are in the business and how they make you feel about your self worth. And I thought that was important in life also with anything so I am going to make my list today and see why in the world I am in this business. This should be interesting."

I wrote back "I totally I agree, awesome that you mentioned the newsletter. Knowing your self can make you a more postive person, knowing the WHY, why you want to pursue something, can also keep you focused and realistic. If you don't know why you are an asset to the modeling/business then you should think twice about pursuing it. Knowing your self ... See Moreand why you want to work wthin the modeling world, (which is really the world of advertising, media and marketing and putting your image out there for product marketing) is important because knowing WHY helps you go forward, carry on, and especially in a tough industry like modeling can be... I AGREE 100%. Knowing why can lead you to opportunities. It is a good idea to know your assets or how you can be used in the industry and why you want to be working within modeling. YES! Make the list, I think everyone who reads my Wall and strives in modeling/entertainment/the arts should actually! Thanks for sharing :) -isobella"

Then I added to the conversation:

"It takes confidence to put your self out there, but it also involves the psychology of self love, a positive spirit, a realistic mentality coupled with energy and the endurance to handle the rejection, and the off days. When I need encouragement I tend to grab biographies of women who have strived in their live, or watch an inspiring movie, or write about what I am going through, or listen to a good song. Today I found this interview of the screenwriter of Precious, Geoffrey Fletcher, and beyond the movie, HIS story, of believing in himself as a writer and carrying on is inspiring:"

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