Friday, March 19, 2010

modeling is more than being perfect - model marketing

What you will notice on this blog is that I write a lot about photography and self marketing for models. And that modeling is more than being perfect, or a certain height, but for a shorter girl it has ALOT to do with how well you market what you do have in the right ways, with the right photos, to the right people and agencies.

These three things can lead you to opportunities. The biggest part of finding opportunities is understanding where you fit into the modeling industry. Also understanding the fact that models are "used to model for something," and that models are meant "to model products" and that the runway is only a small percent of what modeling means.

But do your photos represent this model marketing mindset?

The photos you create and use to market yourself can determine where you will go in modeling and if you will get opportunities.

Many ambious aspiring models email me each day and their questions are often about photography, and why aren't there photos working, why isn't an agency working with them?

It is most likely not you, but your photos might need a make-over. It is best to make sure the photos you are showing to a print modeling agency are print modeling photos. Print modeling doesn't have a height requirement but a realistic mindset and preparing the proper photos before the modeling agency is very important. Fashion and Commercial print modeling are totally different worlds, with different approaches.

Also it takes a huge amount of ambition, confidence, and persistence to work as a model. You have to push your self but at the same time be patient and smart about it.

If you want to work with a print modeling agency then how hard you work to create professional print modeling friendly photos, the more and the better opportunities you will find. Especially if you are shorter.

Setting goals for your self and understanding that it is a process is so important when it comes to putting together your photos to market your self properly to agencies. A comp card is a must. Without it you can not professionally model.

If you want to model within print modeling then spend time crafting the right photos, consider what print models of all sizes model: shoes, jeans, jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, etc. Also observe ads for these products, notice lifestyle product ads and commercials and make sure your photos say that, show that you can. So think about what you realistically want to model, and can model, and make sure your photos are crafted to get you there.

When I wanted to shoe model, I had to create photos that showed I could before I got those modeling opportunities. So remember modeling is not limited to being tall or perfect but if you are struggling, you photography could be a big reason why you might not be booking the work you want to book.

Bring what you do have forward, market what you are,


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