Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Model Photo: Don't put that Photoshop on my face podcast

Model Photo: Don't put that Photoshop on my face podcast

Model, author Isobella Jade shares how Photoshop can hurt an aspiring models pursuits. She also discusses the importance of having a plan before you get in front of the camera to get better results. Along with sharing her own photography mistakes from her early modeling years, this segment was inspired by her blog post on called "Does your photographer know what agencies look for?”, earlier this week.

You can catch this episode of Model Talk by visiting the show here:

This episode will be live:
1:00 PM
15 Minutes

You can always catch the archive anytime here:

P.s: This week I am giving away a pair of heels from Bakers called Rock & Candy by ZiGi, (They are a SIZE 6!! shoe, the standard shoe model size) however they might fit a size 7 foot), and win a copy of my original modeling memoir Almost 5'4", along with an awesome eyeshadow palette from Forever 21. To win this heels,beauty and book giveaway email me at: your best natural beauty shot and a shot of you modeling a pair of heels like a shoe ad.
The deadline is Friday the 19th. (Put in in the subject please: Heels, beauty and book) The winner will be posted on my blog this weekend. Goodluck!

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