Monday, March 1, 2010

Marketing your self as a model: posing is not enough

Every day many girls ask me about the topic of photography in modeling. It is a major concern among aspiring models.

The photos you create make such a difference towards if you get representation or not from an agency. The more you focus on what the word model means the better. A model is meant to model for something, and modeling means more than just posing. Actually posing too forcefully can look really cheesy and unprofessional actually. You will appear more professional by posing in a more natural, being your self way.

And remember for a shorter girl, print modeling should be your focus. In print modeling is it more about your personality than the attitude and pout.

Here are some hints to know if the photos you have are professional, agency quality and marketable for print modeling, -to show you can model:

1. Before taking the photo study ads for all types of lifestyle products, from cell phone ads, to hair products, to travel ads to ads for accessories.

2. Does the photo you created look like you are modeling for something? A product? Could it be an ad? Does it have an ad appeal? Ask yourself, does the photo just look like you are posing, or like you are really modeling something, it is such an important difference between just taking a photo and actually looking like a model. Does it look like you are "doing something" in the photo, in action, and enjoying it, happy, and showing your personality in a natural way?

3. Are you smiling? A big part of getting opportunities when you are not giraffe tall is using your personality within your photos, so make sure your photos show your personality.

4. Is the lighting good? If there is a shadow covering half your face this is not an acceptable marketable face, so make sure the photo is clear and the lighting is well done in the photo. An agent, casting director, etc, should not have to guess what you look like.

Remember modeling is not an easy pursuit, it is competitive and challengeing and tough. Modeling is a lot of work, involves a lot of hands-on work, and it involves really understanding your self, knowing your assets and how to translate what you DO HAVE and how to make those assets marketable towards modeling products for ads, commercials and editorials for magazines.

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