Monday, March 29, 2010

Is there too much fantasy in your photos not enough reality?

Many aspiring models get excited about the idea of a photo-shoot and all these ideas start flowing about styling, makeup, and the awesome funky poses and wild hairstyles.

But too much fantasy in your photos could be the reason a print modeling agency hasn't called you. Or that your modeling agency photo and comp card submissions are not working.

A girl recently submitted to me her photos, and while she has nice skin, pretty eyes and could be a good model her photos do not express this, and instead showed her "stiff, with too much attitude, and not enough expression or natural looks within the shots."

Believe it or not, the simple basic photos are going to get you a modeling agency quicker, than overly festive photos.

Which inspires me to ask the question:

Is there too much fantasy in your photos not enough reality?

A shot that is caked in makeup and has some attitude might be fun to create, but this isn't ideally the best shot to use to get real modeling opportunities. There is a difference between "playing" dress up infront of the camera and creating something that a print modeling agency can use to market you.

The more you target your photos towards what print modeling agencies want to see the better. Here are some tips on how to create photos that a modeling agency wants to see.

And tips on getting a modeling agency:

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