Sunday, March 28, 2010

An imperfection could become your trademark

a girl recently told me about her imperfect tooth, she was worried it could prevent her from modeling. Well, I have a gap and I still model. So here are my thoughts on that:

"Use what at first might appear to be an imperfection as something as a benefit towards your success. What you thought as an imperfection could become your trademark. It is all a perception." -isobella jade

So hence the post below on smiling, you do need a smile shot, even if your smile isn't what you consider perfect, so let your personality, bright eyes, and energy shine in your smile. :)

Modeling tip: Overtime I got more comfortable with my gap, I also have an overbite and learned how to "work with that I've got without changing myself." No one is perfect, everyone has their thing, but work with it, make it not something that you think is a negative. Here is a post I wrote on imperfections recently it's called Goodbye Forever Perfect Teeth:

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