Monday, March 1, 2010

If you are a new model don't use the word amateur model

I find the words amateur model the wrong way to present your self if you are ambitious and serious about working as a model.

If you are a beginning model or new model, use the words "aspiring model" don't use the words amateur model, and just because you are new to modeling doesn't mean you should work with amateur photographers, don't.

Aim to work with those who understand the craft of photography. An amateur photographer is "playing around" with the word photographer, they might have the camera but do they know how to use it? Create a marketable shot? Create a shot a print modeling agency needs.

If the photographer doesn't understand what a print modeling agency needs or wants to see on a compcard, skip working with this person.

Unless that photographer has goals to work as a commercial photographer or make a business out of his photography craft, skip it, stay away from that type of photographer when it comes to your pursuits.

Know the photographer you are conducting a shoot with knows the craft of photography, knows lighting, and that the photographer understands the shots you need for your comp card and portfolio. A professional photographer, will not just shoot to shoot but will have a photography business and it is ok, and a good idea to invest in your self and goals with it comes to photography.

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