Thursday, March 4, 2010

How often should you do modeling comp card mail outs to agencies? Answered

I was recently ask on Facebook: How often should you do modeling comp card mail outs. Do you recommend every 6 months after they get some experience, a better card, or what??

I think it is best to mail out all the cards you have, it should take a couple months to do so, usually girls have 40-100 more comp cards made. Then, if you are not hearing back it might not be because you are not a good model, it could be your photos. So I would try to improve your photos, update your card, strive to improve your photos, because it could be your comp card that needs work. So if the model has new photos, an updated comp card, a card that is an improvement then mailing every 3-6 months is a good idea. However mailing the same card over and over to the same agency is not how I suggest doing it, if it hasn’t worked yet.

When doing mail outs or remailing, I think it is best to always show an improvement, a new card, when re-mailing to an agency. A lot of trial and error usually happens for a very new model before you have a card that works. Usually it takes more than one photo shoot and one comp card to get a call back from an agency; it defiantly can take more than one mailing. Before I started working with CESD I mailed them a few times. There is a lot of self analyzing that goes into creating proper marketing material that markets you well and which an agency sees potential in and likes and could use. An agency might like your headshot, but if the rest of the photos don’t sell you well, then they might not call you. Many girls just rush and put something together without really knowing or thinking about “Does this card really market me in ways that can help me get modeling work?”

So, strive to think about these things. Spend careful time and consideration when creating your comp card. (side note: also expect to make more than one comp card, it might take you a few tries until you get one that is working for you)

I think every 6 months is a good idea, however in the mean time the girl should be striving to get some experience, approaching aspiring designers, trying to work with also casting directors, and trying to get some experience so that when she goes back to submit to the agencies she wants to work with she has something new to show. For me, it took myself getting my elf a few tear sheets in magazines, working with aspiring brands and designers, really putting myself out there, and striving to be more of a self marketer, before I started working with agencies.

I didn’t get in the door with agencies before I had something I show I could model. I mean I am very petite, so it helped to build some credibility! So, yes, I think it is best to re-submit ever 3-6 months but do it with a new comp card, not the same old thing if it hasn’t worked.

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