Friday, March 5, 2010

How do you find a petite modeling agency? Answered

A girl recently asked me on my Facebook Wall: How do you find petite agencies that will take you seriously? All the agencies have said "You have a good look and we want to keep an eye on you, but we have height requirements."

I think it might be where you are looking, most agencies are not screaming for petite models, they don't typically announce it they work with shorter models. It is rare to find a petite modeling agency, (maybe I’ll have one ,one day :)) but right now you typically won’t find a petite modeling agency out there, but you will find agencies that work models of all sizes print modeling. This area is called Commercial Print Modeling. Girls, women, men and people of all ages model within print modeling. And these models, and real people, lifestyle models are used in print ads for lifestyle and non-high fashion products. Commercial print modeling is the area for the shorter girl. It is still tough, becausethere are still sometimes height requirements at certain print modeling agencies, but you’re more likely to get in the door if your photography is well put together on your comp card and marketing materials. How you introduce yourself to the agency and present your self can help you get in the door with the agency or not. Print modeling agencies do not often help you put together in a hands-on way your photography and comp card needs. It is up to you. Especially when you are new to modeling and striving to get some experience which will lead to bigger jobs, when you are shorter it is all about striving to put together professional photos and show you CAN model. It is very different than fashion agencies.
It is best to research print modeling agencies, and then submits your comp card/photos to commercial print modeling agencies, and agencies that work with models of all ages, talent agencies, casting directors. Basically if you stick to print modeling you will find height isn't everything and it is more about your personality and energy and bringing your other assets forward to apply to modeling for lifestyle products and brands….. however like I mentioned above with photography: you do have to do some behind the scenes work to get in the door with print modeling: you do have to have professional photos, and show your smile and personality within the photos , which is what fits the look for a print model. Many models think the agency does everything for them, but at the early start of finding an agency you, as the model, have to put together your marketing materials often and making a comp card helps to make your submissions by postal mail to print modeling agencies. Getting in the door takes finding the right agencies, and usually when you Google modeling agency + your city only fashion agencies come up which have height requirements, you need to strive to search for commercial print agencies, talent agencies, it is a totally different world than fashion, and these agencies, the legit ones, do not typically advertise, so you do have to find them. Do some research on print modeling and talent agencies. There is a lot of self work, self marketing involved with working as a model. And there are no guarantees even after the work it will lead to jobs and opportunities, modeling as a whole is tough no matter your height. But if you are shorter than 5’6” and new to modeling you should expect the hands on work it takes to work with agencies, and you do have to hit up the right agencies. There are MANY print modeling and talent agencies out there that book models of all heights and types for print ads and commercials, but you do have to do the research and work and submissions, it is an investment in yourself, it is time consuming and involves work  I am writing a lot here because there is a lot more to finding an agency, the right agency, and getting in the door, than what aspiring models might think.
But it possible if you put the right photos out to the right agencies. I hope this helps. :) Isobella
This post from my blog is about finding a print modeling agency;

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Hi! I saw your blog and wanted to ask you some questions. I am an aspiring model. I am 28, but I look like a teen (everyone thinks I'm 10 years younger). I am 5'3 and 82 lbs. I have an extremely flawless face and everyone tells me that I should get into modeling so I decided to give it a shot (yes, at 28). I was wondering if you could maybe provide me with some insight on what types of photos I should prepare to submit for a petite modeling agency?

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