Monday, March 22, 2010

Heels, beauty and book winner is Lisa

Congratulations Lisa

Last week I held a Heels, Beauty and Book contest to win a pair of heels from Bakers called Rock & Candy by ZiGi, a signed copy of my memoir modeling Almost 5'4" along with an awesome eyeshadow palette from Forever 21. And asked my readers to submit a photo of themselves modeling a shoe. Shoe modeling is actually a great area to pursue for a shorter model since most sample shoes for many brands are a size 6 or 7, which is what many shorter models are. The winner is Lisa, the petite beauty is showing us how long her legs can look while wearing some great heels. When choosing the winner I was looking for a model who had a shot that looked the most like a shoe print ad, or editorial in a magazine that was about shoes. I chose Lisa as the winner because the shot is simple but it is obviously all about the shoes she is wearing, and our eyes go right to them, which is great for a shoe ad. I did wish she had a smile, but her pose is natural and not trying too hard, which is a good thing for print modeling. Also her dress is short but not too short. Her makeup looks pretty, natural and simple and with one leg bending at the knee and one straight she looks very proportioned, and taller, -considering she is a petite girl.

Pose tip: By putting more weight on one leg you can look longer, and keeping some space between your arms and body can also make you look longer.

:) Height isn't everything in modeling.

Also here are some tips on shoe modeling:

And each week, on Weds, I feature a Petite of the Week on this blog as well, so you can submit for that by emailing your headshot and how you are making strides as a shorter model to

For your interests, you can search my model blog with model keywords and find more posts on modeling advice. Very easy, just search in the upper left corner box model words like: "print modeling", "model photography", "comp cards" "modeling agencies." I hope it helps!



Rosalia from FB :) said...

Hey Isobella,
Could you tell us why this pic stood out to you from all the other entries. This will help un trained eyes like min to help decide which pics to choose.

It will also be helpful to see other entries and understand your selection process.
Thanks again for the good work.
R :)

Unknown said...

I added why her photo stood out :)