Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goodbye Model Sites Hello Professional

I just put a new video up on my Youtube page, it's called Goodbye Model Sites Hello Professional and I share tips on how to grab your bootstraps and strive as a model despite height, in the right ways.

Trying in the right ways is the biggest part.

To hear better turn down my radio show podcast on the left side first. Watch here or here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slvHe93UXR8

I mention leg modeling, here are tips on leg modeling when you are pint-size: http://petitemodelingtips.blogspot.com/2010/01/leg-modeling-even-if-your-pint-size.html

And this is a segment on Model Talk Radio about photography for all sizes:

I recently told an aspiring model, "Real professionals, real agents, real brands, don't look for talent on the web and model-sites are amatuer and meant to just show off photos not really work as a model. This is a total waste of time for someone who is serious.Sure, these days anyone who can download a photo can call themselves a model but that doesn't mean they are one. And anyone with a camera can call themselves a photographer but that doesn't mean that know how to take a proper photo that a model that is serious needs. So I would not rely on any model profile site. If you want a modeling agency to work with you and you want to really model for something, a product and brand, it is a totally different road that involves a comp card with the proper commercial style photos, and mailing it by postal mail to right print modeling agencies."

It takes work. Research. Time. Self Investment.

I hope this inspires you,

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