Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Giving yourself your big break

A girl on Facebook recently told me she was having a hard time getting a break in modeling.

I am not sure 100% what her vision of A BREAK would be, getting an agency? Getting in a print magazine? Being in a print ad or working non-stop, but it takes ALOT of work to market ones self as a model, and in many different types of industries these days, it is about self promotion and knowing your self, and most important believing:

I replied:

"In modeling, like in life, you have to give Yourself the break, it really does take an amazing amount of self work, and effort to get Yourself one, actually nothing in my life has come from getting a break easy at all, it has come from knocking on doors, submitting, researching, trying, and not giving up. It's is tough. But that is not reason not to try and to believe if you are up to the work it takes."

I hope it inspires you.

Don't be afraid of the work, when you want something.
Don't expect it to be easy when it is a competitive industry.
Being shorter you have to find, create and put a lot of hands on work into getting opportunities. So expect the work it takes to be professional.
Approach the "want" in "wanting to be a model" with already knowing your assets and how you can apply them to modeling for print ads and ad campaigns.
Create photos that show your assets and be professional before you even submit to a modeling agency. Make a modeling comp card. Have your comp card read, be prepared, know what the word model means.
Know before you get infront of the camera what you are shooting for, and focus on showing you can naturally model products.
Understand that the "getting discovered as a model" thing is over, it is about discovering your self :)

The more you know you self, the better you can market you self.


P.s: This week I am giving away a pair of heels from Bakers called Rock & Candy by ZiGi, (They are a SIZE 6!! shoe, the standard shoe model size) however they might fit a size 7 foot), and win a copy of my original modeling memoir Almost 5'4", along with an awesome eyeshadow palette from Forever 21. I went to Forever 21 recently and their beauty section looked really good. To win this heels,beauty and book giveaway email me at: petitepride@yahoo.com your best natural beauty shot and a shot of you modeling a pair of heels like a shoe ad. The deadline is Friday the 19th. (Put in in the subject please: Heels, beauty and book - if you can.) The winner will be posted on my blog this weekend. Goodluck!

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