Monday, March 15, 2010

does your Photographer know what agencies look for?

A girl on Facebook recently asked me about Photographers and Photoshop, writing,
"I wanted to ask you about photographers going overboard with photo-shop. So I had an outdoors test shoot with a photographer. From the unedited pics, I just loved. But then when she took them to retouch. I got them back and they don't looked like me. She said most of the pictures came out blurry and she had to do tons of retouching! She took out some of my lines that give my face definition and its depth, and brightened up my skin to the point my boyfriend didn't know it was me.
:( "

Then I told her that a lot of amateur photographers rely on Photoshop and to be aware of this and to strive to only work with a professional and to talk about the retouching process and how much will be touched up or will not be retouched before the shoot. Also it is best to confirm how many photos you will be receiving and if or if not the photos will be retouched. HOWEVER unlike what might sound to be the better opportunity, it is actually BEST TO NOT HAVE YOUR PHOTOS PHOTOSHOPPED. And it is BETTER to receive the photos raw, natural, and untouched.

You can always have someone touch them up later or work something out with the photographer or even pay a graphic design student perhaps to touch up a photo--- but for print modeling you should not have intense Photoshopped or artistic looking photos anyways. You want to show your natural self in your photos for your modeling comp card. You do not want to be airbrushed or overly touched up. You want to look like the girl in the photo 100% from all angles. I hate retouching. And if a photographer is a professional they will not go overboard but always, always, always discuss this BEFORE the shoot. Don’t just shoot to shoot, don’t just get in front of a camera without a plan, and don’t waste time or money. Always and only shoot with a photographer who understands the craft of photography and knows what a print modeling agency likes to see. If you do not shoot with a photographer that understands what a print modeling agencies like to see you will most likely not get photos that will help you. You might get photos, but not ones that work for print modeling and can really help you get ahead.

I shared this info with the girl on Facebook and she wrote back saying,"Yeah, I just figured out that she doesn't really know much about what agencies look for after I talked to her again. But, we gotta learn some where!"

We do learn from mistakes but it is best to have a plan, a purpose for the shoot and to work with a professional who understands what YOU need. It is not just about shooting something, photography for aspiring models is about creating shots that will benefit you and your goals. There is a difference, so make sure your Photographer know what agencies look for.

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Djamee said...

Hello, I found your post very interesting. in my experience as a manager often models actually ask for a lot of retouching. It never helps them get modeling work. The main reason is a lot of cliens don't have the time or budget to hold castings therefore they rely only on digitals sent by agencies. I found that a lot of simple images would work and ultimately get you booked whereas you would be skipped if your images are too retouched