Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beauty modeling for a shorter model tips

A girl commented on his blog asking “I was wondering if I could still be a model for make up lines such as chanel or clinque or mac even tough i'm not a giant.”

My reply might also inspire you.

There is nothing wrong with aiming high and dreaming big, but also being realistically ambitious is a major attitude towards getting opportunities.

Yes you can still model for beauty if you are short, (not a giant or giraffe) but having the right type of beauty shots on your comp card is a good idea.

Even though cosmetics and beauty ads are not about the models height, often for high fashion cosmetic brands, taller models are still used.

Many times these high fashion beauty brands will go to the fashion agency and book a girl for the clothing and a girl for the beauty ads. A taller girl. However beauty brands are not just stemming from high fashion brands, and not all beauty models are tall, and these days there are MANY beauty brands, hair care brands, nail care, skincare brands, that use models of all types, age, ethnicity and size. The goal for an aspiring shorter model that wants to work within beauty is to create a professional beauty shot. Here are some tips on creating a beauty shot that I think will inspire you.

A beauty shot is a close up of your face, and it can be created in many styles but an all natural (not too much makeup) beauty shot close up that looks like the beauty ads you see for lifestyle beauty brands is best to create. If you are shorter it is best to use lifestyle brands (think Dove, St. Ives, Avon, Mary Kay, Wet n Wild,) as examples when creating your photos, not high fashion beauty brands, skip Dior, Mac, Chanel, --because you’re most likely, as a shorter girl, going to get hired to model for a lifestyle beauty brand or product than one that has a high fashion background.
Also a beauty shot is something that all models should have on their comp card, and it can involve a smile, personality, but it is a close up of your face, similar to a headshot but with more of a beauty product ad feeling. The focus could be your lips, your eyes, your skin, your profile, your lashes, but don’t over-do the makeup, commercial print modeling agencies want to see your face. Commercial print modeling agencies want to see your personality glow.


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