Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Model Quote on striving for your success

"have a plan & make yourself available for your success, don't think it will just happen, usually it doesn't unless your own involvement is at hand." ~isobella jade

Monday, March 29, 2010

Is there too much fantasy in your photos not enough reality?

Many aspiring models get excited about the idea of a photo-shoot and all these ideas start flowing about styling, makeup, and the awesome funky poses and wild hairstyles.

But too much fantasy in your photos could be the reason a print modeling agency hasn't called you. Or that your modeling agency photo and comp card submissions are not working.

A girl recently submitted to me her photos, and while she has nice skin, pretty eyes and could be a good model her photos do not express this, and instead showed her "stiff, with too much attitude, and not enough expression or natural looks within the shots."

Believe it or not, the simple basic photos are going to get you a modeling agency quicker, than overly festive photos.

Which inspires me to ask the question:

Is there too much fantasy in your photos not enough reality?

A shot that is caked in makeup and has some attitude might be fun to create, but this isn't ideally the best shot to use to get real modeling opportunities. There is a difference between "playing" dress up infront of the camera and creating something that a print modeling agency can use to market you.

The more you target your photos towards what print modeling agencies want to see the better. Here are some tips on how to create photos that a modeling agency wants to see.

And tips on getting a modeling agency:

book and beauty bundle contest winner is Aniela

Aniela, a 26 year old aspiring actress/model from Hollywood, FL is the winner of my book and beauty bundle!

A copy of my memoir Almost 5'4"
e.l.f therapeutic Conditioning Balm
e.l.f lengthing & volumizing mascara
e.l.f eyeshadow duo

The reason I chose Aniela is because the shot is natural and airy and it has a skincare and beauty ad appeal. Her eyes look bright and skin looks soft and fresh.

However notice that I would even crop the shot a bit more and make it look like this:

A beauty shot can be created in many styles, I like the side angle of the shot above of Aniela because it highlights her skin and eyes and has a dreamy appeal that I'd see in a beauty editorial in Glamour, Allure or Marie Claire magazine.

A beauty shot can also be straight on, at a side angle, and also smiling. I think a great example of a beauty shot are the girls on the hair dye boxes, smiling and with fresh faces and hair. However remember for a beauty shot the hair should be out of your face.

Here are some tips on creating a beauty shot and why an aspiring model needs one, better yet, a few different types fo a beauty shot:

And here is a radio podcast on Model Talk Radio where I discuss creating a beauty shot:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Carlos By Carlos Santana shoes gives you long legs

These hot shoes from Carlos By Carlos Santana caught my eye.

They are called Turbulence. They look like great shoes for long legs!

A pair of black heels is a go-to-item for aspiring models. A must-have item. At bookings and castings I have worn black heels often.

I like!

Basic is best for heels for castings and bookings. If you are asked to bring heels it is usually a simple black heel, like this one (called Dream) also from Carlos by Carlos Santana, would be good:

An imperfection could become your trademark

a girl recently told me about her imperfect tooth, she was worried it could prevent her from modeling. Well, I have a gap and I still model. So here are my thoughts on that:

"Use what at first might appear to be an imperfection as something as a benefit towards your success. What you thought as an imperfection could become your trademark. It is all a perception." -isobella jade

So hence the post below on smiling, you do need a smile shot, even if your smile isn't what you consider perfect, so let your personality, bright eyes, and energy shine in your smile. :)

Modeling tip: Overtime I got more comfortable with my gap, I also have an overbite and learned how to "work with that I've got without changing myself." No one is perfect, everyone has their thing, but work with it, make it not something that you think is a negative. Here is a post I wrote on imperfections recently it's called Goodbye Forever Perfect Teeth:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It takes alot of work to be a model

"It takes a lot of work to be a model, and model for something and get paid to model for something legit, it takes knowing how to market yourself, getting the right photos, the right makeup, the right photography, the right mentality, then striving to work with the right agencies, timing, luck, ambition, persistence and then the real modeling can start to begin, but that only means more work as well, more investing in what you want."
- isobella jade

It might sound basic, but if you don't have a smile shot, if you don't show you can model products in your photos, you are less likely to.

Friday, March 26, 2010

the spirit to keep striving

“if you are thinking about doing something & you have the will to try, the endurance to handle failure & the spirit to keep striving, then you should do it.”-Isobella

Beauty and books bundle contest! And notecards forever at Greer Chicago

There is still time to win my book & beauty bundle, the deadline is the 27th! Send me your best beauty shot to win a signed copy of my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" & e.lf. cosmetics products at Beauty is not measured by height :)

Awesome Recent Discovery:

Twitter is an awesome place to learn about new, savvy and unique things:

I recently discovered Greer Chicago notecards! These Elum Big City cards stood out as great cards to send during the summertime. They have a really cute website too.

I don't ever want to lose the basic communication tools, even in this Internet age, I love writing handwritten notes and picking out notecards, like these from @GREERChicago So cute!

Check them out and other awesome notecards here:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Making it happen for your self

results come when you are not waiting for the door to open, but when you put on your heels, strut with guts and make your own way through. - isobella jade

Philadelphia Modeling Agencies and Talent Agencies and tips for submissions

Here are some agencies in the Philadelphia market, and if you live in NJ near Philly submit as well. Follow the directions on the submission process: seems more fashion than commercial print however Pittsburgh, PA

Models On The Move Model & Talent Agency

Mail comp cards to:
Lucy King, Designated Agent and Owner

1200 Route 70, Barclay Towers, Suite 6, P.O. Box #4037, Cherry Hill, NJ, 08034


To work with a modeling agency you should NEVER pay to register on their website, don’t think you have to, don’t be forced into it, or feel pressure to do so.
Having your own comp card and managing your own self while working with modeling agencies is always best. I don’t like the idea of an agency marketing me online to their clients. An agency should have enough of a relationship with a client that the client calls them or the agency sends over select photos in jpgs of the models that would be good for the job or the agency would refer the client to their website, but you should never pay to be on an agency website.

Also, despite the internet, you NEED a comp card. Ask the modeling agency to use your comp card to market you, create your own photography and print your own cards, save money and also prevent scams by doing so. Legit agencies will at least “work with” the comp card you give them even if it is not perfect. I still believe in the postal mail and legit agencies do as well. Send your photos in the postal mail, show you are serious and more than just a jpeg but that you are prepared. That you have professional print modeling tools. A comp card, portfolio, and even a headshot.
A legit agency may suggest you use a certain photographer but for print modeling, commercial print modeling agencies, and talent agencies and casting directors, do not feel that you MUST use their photography service, take their classes, etc. You do not have to and don’t feel pressure to do so. These agencies seem pretty legit, I do not know them personally, and if you have thoughts on working with a modeling agency here email me at

To prevent scams when hunting for modeling agencies, put the modeling agencies name in google search + scam.

Also recently a model in Philadelphia told me about a popular agency charging her to be on the website. This was my reply:

DO NOT feel you must pay to be on an agency website. This is wrong and it makes me SOOOOO mad when agencies imply you must pay to be on their website. This is not so, and don't feel forced into it. More than ever more agencies are telling aspiring models to pay to be seen by clients on their website. I don't agree. An agent has build a business by having good relationships with their clients, the brand, the editor, the ad agency which cast models for their projects,--an agency should not be relying on a database to book their models, that is just amatuer and even in this Internet-age it is not right. Just because more girls want to be models and more agencies are working with more different types of models that doesn't mean it is ok to charge them to be on their website. That is just wrong. I work with great agencies and refuse and do not pay to be on their website, and if asked I'd refuse. At the high fashion agencies I heard that the models have the rate of these things taken out of their paychecks, well it is one thing if it is taken out of a job that the agency books you, but if you are paying upfront to be seen on a website of a talent or commercial print modeling agency, keep looking! There is legit out there, you do not have to pay to be seen on a modeling agency website. Don't think you do.

Check out these agencies, I do not live in Philadelphia but they seem ok. If I am wrong always email me about it. Consider the above, and I suggest being prepared with a comp card and portfolio, the more prepared you are the more you can prevent scams no matter where you live. I suggest mailing the agency by postal mail your comp card. A modeling agency is a great help and asset for your modeling goals because the modeling agency has the contacts with the brands that need models for the better and bigger paying modeling jobs, but don't get scammed or think there are not other options. There are. It is work, time, an investment, but aim high, crave more, better, professional, and get it! Goodluck!

Put yourself out there like Josie, inspiration for your day and example of commercial print modeling

So I am on Twitter and I see a message from @Fitarella saying: @YumYucky you should ask @IsobellaJade about it. She is a modeling expert for us not-so-tall types :-)

So I checked out @YumYucky (Josie Maurer) and I see that she just landed in the pages of Family Circle Magazine!

Congrats on the Claritin Allergy ad! And Josie is also the blogger of (Check that out too!) and she writes about "finding balance between fitness and your greedy side."

I love that she used who she naturally was to land this ad opportunity. Commercial print modeling is about using what you DO naturally have to market brands and products. Here is the ad which is in the April 17, 2010 and May 2010 issues of Family Circle Magazine!

On her blog she goes into detail about how she landed the Claritin Allergy ad: "I follow Fitness Magazine on Twitter and Facebook (don’t you?). They did an open call of sorts for people with allergies to submit their photos for an opportunity to be featured in a Claritin ad in one of Meredith Corporation’s family of magazines. So I submitted my pic along with my story about how I can NOT be around my cat for too long, ‘lest I ingest the Claritin. In the absence of Claritin, the feline species causes my eyes to burn, my nostrils to pour, my throat to hack, and my attitude to get real bitchy. You don’t want to witness that.

Out of approximately 150 prospects, I was selected to take part along with 4 other people, including Kristin from Iowa Girls Eats.

My prize was to be swept away to New York City this past January. On day one, the Meredith people fed me some greedy-good food, put me up in a nice hotel and sent me for a manicure. And then I ate and drank some more at dinner. Like salmon and cheesecake and wine. Uh uh.

On day two, there was an entourage of WONDERFUL people who did my hair, got me into wardrobe and make up, and made me feel uber-special."

You can check out post on the shoot here:

Models are not just one height, or type, modeling is about modeling something, what have you modeled lately? Aim high!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shorty Award: Petite of the Week is Rose


I love Petite of the Week time, this week the Petite of the Week is Rose, from Pennsylvania!

I love the energy she shows in her photos and right off the bat I can tell she has a lot of personality, great skin, and that her eyes have natural expression. The top shot could inspire a job with a hair company or cosmetic company, the one with her jumping shows spunk, personality, and energy, it looks like a catalog shot, which is what commercial print modeling agencies want to see. Each week I feature a petite model and here is what Rose sent to me on not being too short to model:

As a petite model I have come across many obstacles. One of the reasons I have strived so hard to make a path for myself is because there is so many people out there who believe us shorter girls can’t make it. I strongly believe that people are only as confident in you, as you are in yourself. So with all the confidence I have and God’s help of course, I approached local boutiques and shops and managed to book a couple jobs for myself. As I go forward I hope to gain some great tear sheets for my portfolio and be able to contact reputable agencies with experience. Isobella is a great inspiration for me, and reading her blog has given me a lot more knowledge for the shorter model! - Rose

Aw thanks for the shout out girl! Modeling is not an easy pursuit, and most of the energy it involves is within, it is not easy to always stay upbeat and positive, especially since modeling involves a lot of self-work and rejection, but if you keep your spirit and market your self well,-it is possible to get opportunities.

Height sure isn't everything.


P.s: If you would like to be Petite of the Week, submit your headshot to and share how you are making strides in modeling despite your height.

Tonight! Social Media guru Ted Rubin and my beauty giveaway!

Tonight, Wednesday, at 9pm EST Live on Model Talk Radio tune into a chat about social media, marketing and branding with Ted Rubin:

A little background on Ted, Ted led online beauty leader e.l.f cosmetics to social media success, and like I mentioned below, this week I am giving away some awesome e.l.f beauty products in celebration. Incase you do not know e.l.f stands for "eyes lips face" and it is awesome.

You can follow Ted Rubin and his online and social media marketing insight on Twitter:

You can submit to win my e.l.f cosmetics beauty bundle.

e.l.f therapeutic Conditioning Balm
e.l.f lengthing & volumizing mascara
e.l.f eyeshadow duo
A copy of Almost 5'4"

The scoop:
Submit by emailing me at a beauty shot that looks like it could be an ad for a beauty product.
For your commercial print modeling comp card you should have a beauty shot. An aspiring model needs a beauty shot for her comp card. It is a must-model-photo to have. It can be a super close up or a shot that has an editorial feel with you applying cosmetics, but it should be a shot that shows off your facial features. A good beauty shot shows the model's face clearly not caked in makeup.

Beauty modeling has no height requirement!

Email me your beauty photos:
Deadline: SAT MARCH 27

Beauty shot photo Tips:

The scoop on fashion and the shorter model

a pic of me from my iPhone in my rain gear. The rain or a cloudy day doesn't stop me from wearing my heels!

Recently on my Facebook wall the topic of fashion agencies came up.

Many fashion agencies do have commercial and lifestyle divisions however if you go to their websites, typically you will not find one girl under 5'8" --on the Elite website they are all tall, I mean 5'8" 5'10 tall, NY Models all tall girls too, Ford has print and parts division, but typically Ford models are 5'8 and kids division, they have a kids open call coming up: --and of course there are exceptions, and I always say aim high, but be realistically ambitious, if you are banking on fashion agencies signing you and you are 5'6", 5'5" ,5'4", 5'3", 5'2" then you should understand what commercial print modeling is and where you fit in the business of modeling and where you should put your energies to get is best to submit to print modeling agency your comp card or photos. Most girls who want to model these days are new to understanding the difference of fashion and commercial print and most are shorter than fashion height.

Here is a post I've written on the differences:

So for those that are new to modeling, there is nothing wrong with trying, submitting a snapshot, but you will notice open calls have height requirements and, sure of course, try, go for it, but also realistically I suggest striving to get experience with a print modeling agency, and Lauren Green is well respected print modeling agency in NYC but typically for models 25 and older, and there are many print modeling agencies out there, here is a list of some in NYC:

Really it comes down to researching in your town print modeling and talent agencies and casting directors and having your marketing material ready. A comp card and and portfolio, a headshot for commercial and TV work. Put it this way there are more print modeling agencies than fashion agencies. It's just up to you to find them and seek out the opportunities. There is a major amount of hands-on, self- investment and self-involvement to work as a model when you are not fashion height, and no matter your height modeling is tough!...However if a fashion agency's print division doesn't welcome you then remember there is a lot more out there, and there are many commercial print agencies out there and for a shorter girl THAT is where it is at.

Getting a print modeling agency to work with you is work. And I talk often about what it talks to create photos, make a comp card, and market your self to the right agencies.

I don't want girls to feel discouraged if fashion shuts the door in their face because fashion agencies do not typically work with shorter girls, under 5'7" unless you are a teen or child, but do be prepared for the hansd-on work that is involved with working with a commercial print modeling agency, talent agency and cast is a way more hands-on world than fashion.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Model Fix for your high heel nicks, scuffs and scrapes

Model Fix, save money if you nick your high heel by buying a nail polish the same color as your heel.

It is a bad feeling when you are walking in the city, especially on cobblestone in the city or the cement and you nick or, scuff up or scrape your heel. Oh GREAT! There is a little dent on your heel. Well, I found a way to easily fix this nick:

Wipe a dab of nail polish that is the same color as your high heel on the nick on your heel, and keep walking in stride.

I recently bought BLACK nail polish from Wet n Wild, to fix up my black heels when needed.

Win e.l.f cosmetics for my beauty cosmetic contest!

Beauty Giveaway!

On this weeks segment on Model Talk Radio, Wednesday the 24th at 9pm, I am speaking with social media guru Ted Rubin. Ted was the force behind online beauty leader e.l.f cosmetics social media success, and this week I am giving away some awesome e.l.f beauty products in celebration.

Listen to the show on Wednesday, live at 9pm EST by following this link, or catch the archive anytime:

Submit to win my e.l.f cosmetics beauty bundle.

e.l.f therapeutic Conditioning Balm
e.l.f lengthing & volumizing mascara
e.l.f eyeshadow duo
A copy of Almost 5'4"

Submit by emailing me a beauty shot that looks like it could be an ad for a beauty product.
For your commercial print modeling comp card you should have a beauty shot. It can be a super close up or a shot that has an editorial feel with you applying cosmetics or a shot that shows off your facial features.

I am looking for a shot that looks like an ad for eye-shadow or lip-gloss, or a powder or foundation product. So look at beauty editorials in Marie Claire, Glamour, Allure, Cosmo, Self, to get inspired. But keep it natural. NO heavy make up. A good beauty shot shows the model's face clearly not caked in makeup.

Make the shot about how well you can model the lip-gloss, the eye-shadow, etc in a natural way. Keep it commercial print modeling friendly. Show in your photo that height isn't everything to model something...because beauty modeling has no height requirement!

Email me your beauty photos:
Deadline: SAT MARCH 27

Monday, March 22, 2010

Isobella chats with Ted Rubin about social media and brand building, Model Talk Radio, this Wednesday, 9pm, win e.l.f beauty products!

Have you ever bought anything online? What about cosmetics or shoes? Well if you have, or if you're curious about how the online marketing world has enhanced many brands and retail stores, you will enjoy the segment on Model Talk Radio this week, Weds at 9pm with social media guru Ted Rubin.

Ted led online beauty leader e.l.f cosmetics to social media success, and this week I am giving away some awesome e.l.f beauty products in celebration. Incase you do not know e.l.f stands for "eyes lips face" and it is amazing. By the way, I am loving e.l.f's primer! It is like $6!!

From beauty brands, to online shoe retailers, to Mommy bloggers and more, Ted will share how having an online personality can help the growth and success of a brand’s marketing strategy.

Tune in Wednesday, live at 9pm, or catch the archive anytime:

Follow Ted Rubin and his online and social media marketing insight on Twitter:

Heels, beauty and book winner is Lisa

Congratulations Lisa

Last week I held a Heels, Beauty and Book contest to win a pair of heels from Bakers called Rock & Candy by ZiGi, a signed copy of my memoir modeling Almost 5'4" along with an awesome eyeshadow palette from Forever 21. And asked my readers to submit a photo of themselves modeling a shoe. Shoe modeling is actually a great area to pursue for a shorter model since most sample shoes for many brands are a size 6 or 7, which is what many shorter models are. The winner is Lisa, the petite beauty is showing us how long her legs can look while wearing some great heels. When choosing the winner I was looking for a model who had a shot that looked the most like a shoe print ad, or editorial in a magazine that was about shoes. I chose Lisa as the winner because the shot is simple but it is obviously all about the shoes she is wearing, and our eyes go right to them, which is great for a shoe ad. I did wish she had a smile, but her pose is natural and not trying too hard, which is a good thing for print modeling. Also her dress is short but not too short. Her makeup looks pretty, natural and simple and with one leg bending at the knee and one straight she looks very proportioned, and taller, -considering she is a petite girl.

Pose tip: By putting more weight on one leg you can look longer, and keeping some space between your arms and body can also make you look longer.

:) Height isn't everything in modeling.

Also here are some tips on shoe modeling:

And each week, on Weds, I feature a Petite of the Week on this blog as well, so you can submit for that by emailing your headshot and how you are making strides as a shorter model to

For your interests, you can search my model blog with model keywords and find more posts on modeling advice. Very easy, just search in the upper left corner box model words like: "print modeling", "model photography", "comp cards" "modeling agencies." I hope it helps!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beauty modeling for a shorter model tips

A girl commented on his blog asking “I was wondering if I could still be a model for make up lines such as chanel or clinque or mac even tough i'm not a giant.”

My reply might also inspire you.

There is nothing wrong with aiming high and dreaming big, but also being realistically ambitious is a major attitude towards getting opportunities.

Yes you can still model for beauty if you are short, (not a giant or giraffe) but having the right type of beauty shots on your comp card is a good idea.

Even though cosmetics and beauty ads are not about the models height, often for high fashion cosmetic brands, taller models are still used.

Many times these high fashion beauty brands will go to the fashion agency and book a girl for the clothing and a girl for the beauty ads. A taller girl. However beauty brands are not just stemming from high fashion brands, and not all beauty models are tall, and these days there are MANY beauty brands, hair care brands, nail care, skincare brands, that use models of all types, age, ethnicity and size. The goal for an aspiring shorter model that wants to work within beauty is to create a professional beauty shot. Here are some tips on creating a beauty shot that I think will inspire you.

A beauty shot is a close up of your face, and it can be created in many styles but an all natural (not too much makeup) beauty shot close up that looks like the beauty ads you see for lifestyle beauty brands is best to create. If you are shorter it is best to use lifestyle brands (think Dove, St. Ives, Avon, Mary Kay, Wet n Wild,) as examples when creating your photos, not high fashion beauty brands, skip Dior, Mac, Chanel, --because you’re most likely, as a shorter girl, going to get hired to model for a lifestyle beauty brand or product than one that has a high fashion background.
Also a beauty shot is something that all models should have on their comp card, and it can involve a smile, personality, but it is a close up of your face, similar to a headshot but with more of a beauty product ad feeling. The focus could be your lips, your eyes, your skin, your profile, your lashes, but don’t over-do the makeup, commercial print modeling agencies want to see your face. Commercial print modeling agencies want to see your personality glow.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Interview with Marie Claire UK on modeling and Almost 5'4"

So excited to share with you my interview with Marie Claire UK on Almost 5'4" hitting the UK, modeling, and my tips for those who strive! Check it out here:

modeling is more than being perfect - model marketing

What you will notice on this blog is that I write a lot about photography and self marketing for models. And that modeling is more than being perfect, or a certain height, but for a shorter girl it has ALOT to do with how well you market what you do have in the right ways, with the right photos, to the right people and agencies.

These three things can lead you to opportunities. The biggest part of finding opportunities is understanding where you fit into the modeling industry. Also understanding the fact that models are "used to model for something," and that models are meant "to model products" and that the runway is only a small percent of what modeling means.

But do your photos represent this model marketing mindset?

The photos you create and use to market yourself can determine where you will go in modeling and if you will get opportunities.

Many ambious aspiring models email me each day and their questions are often about photography, and why aren't there photos working, why isn't an agency working with them?

It is most likely not you, but your photos might need a make-over. It is best to make sure the photos you are showing to a print modeling agency are print modeling photos. Print modeling doesn't have a height requirement but a realistic mindset and preparing the proper photos before the modeling agency is very important. Fashion and Commercial print modeling are totally different worlds, with different approaches.

Also it takes a huge amount of ambition, confidence, and persistence to work as a model. You have to push your self but at the same time be patient and smart about it.

If you want to work with a print modeling agency then how hard you work to create professional print modeling friendly photos, the more and the better opportunities you will find. Especially if you are shorter.

Setting goals for your self and understanding that it is a process is so important when it comes to putting together your photos to market your self properly to agencies. A comp card is a must. Without it you can not professionally model.

If you want to model within print modeling then spend time crafting the right photos, consider what print models of all sizes model: shoes, jeans, jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, etc. Also observe ads for these products, notice lifestyle product ads and commercials and make sure your photos say that, show that you can. So think about what you realistically want to model, and can model, and make sure your photos are crafted to get you there.

When I wanted to shoe model, I had to create photos that showed I could before I got those modeling opportunities. So remember modeling is not limited to being tall or perfect but if you are struggling, you photography could be a big reason why you might not be booking the work you want to book.

Bring what you do have forward, market what you are,


P.s: This weekend the winner of my Book, Beauty and Shoe giveaway will be up!

A theory on preventing fashion fabric waste

Waste in fashion bothers me. Each year many retailers have y garments that just do not sell well. It makes me wonder: What happens to the clothes? This fabric? Could it be used for something else?

I was recently told that a well known retailer throws in the trash clothing and garments that do not sell.

My eyes went wide! What the heck!

Maybe the real estate building of retail stores could collect the garments that are not selling or have been on the sale rack for weeks and donate the items to a charity like Dress for Success or donate it to a country in need, or give the fabric to a fashion school so fashion students to use and deconstruct and create something of use, value for education or fun.

We have become a world all about the next season, the next design trend, but designers and brands should not waste the fabric they use or which is not being used. Maybe elements of the fabric can be used in future designs? The thought of the wasted fabric urks me.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A teen asks me about modeling: Tips to start modeling

A teen recently asked me "I'm 4' 10", 13 years old, and I REALLY want to become a model when i'm finished with high school... But I have no idea how to get started."

My reply:

Well, the first thing to have is confidence, and also to know what your traits are beyond your height. Modeling can be for girls of all sizes but the girl has to know what she DOES have and how to translate that into working with brands products for "print modeling". Modeling is about modeling something, not just about being tall, perfect, or pretty, it is about being what the brand is looking for and if you watch commercials and notice print ads in lifestyle magazines you will see the models are not all tall or one size or type.

Also at your current age I would not pursue modeling alone, do it with a parent. And after High School I would pursue college and while in college you could perhaps start modeling with a print modeling agency when you are not in class.

When you are ready to pursue modeling, the area to pursue if your are shorter than 5’8” is commercial print modeling or working with a talent agency.
I would ask your self: Do you have a nice personality? Nice energy, friendly smile ( I didn’t say perfect smile, I am talking about a friendly one), then these are the things to capture within professional photography with a professional. A headshot and catalog style shots and photos showing you modeling a product. You would then need to get professional photos and make a comp card, and mail that comp card by postal mail to a print modeling agency. It does take a lot of hands on work, sort of like playing a sport, it involves time, energy, and the will to try, and the confidence to handle the rejection.

Getting started has a lot to do with what NOT to do. My biggest tip right now is NOT to market yourself as a model on the Internet, not to use model sites or social sites because there is A LOT of risk in doing so and mostly amateurs are using those sites. The Internet is good for research but not to promote yourself as a model. Professional, legit modeling agencies do not look for talent on amateur model sites. It is a total waste of time to rely on the Internet to promote your self at any age. Ex: I give advice on modeling on my blog, but I do not use the Internet to promote myself as a model for hire. I have agencies for that and a professional comp card, which also has helped me approach brands and magazine editors and professional photographers at the very early stages of my pursuits to get some of my own experience as well.

Mainly to start modeling it takes a marketing mindset, knowing how to market what you do have to the right agencies with the right photos. Many girls have the wrong photos and submit them to the wrong agencies. And finding opportunities really does involve a lot of hands-on, do-it-your-self be-self-made behind the scenes work and self investment.

I wanted to share some links from my model blog, which I hope you can check out, which I think will help you:

Tips on why you need a comp card before the agency:

More tips on teen modeling and photos you need:

I am also an author and I am working on a how-to-modeling book for all sizes, I will keep you posted. The links I have shared above WILL help, and keep me posted if you any other questions,

Photography tips for photographers on what the print modeling agency wants

With many girls wanting to be models and the commercialism of photography I get questions daily about photography for models, recently I received on one Facebook from an aspiring photographer asking about how to create the right photography for models so they can submit the shots to an agency. Or in other words, what type of photography does a print modeling agency want to see?

My reply:
Well, I believe in the "monkey see monkey do" mindset, and the "commercial" part of commercial print means using the personality to sell a product, service or brand. Also magazine editorials sometimes use commercial print models as well for beauty and the photos for the lifestyle stories.

Learning by what we see, and the examples out there, can inspire us and help us with our own goals.

For a photographer who wants to create a photo for a model that a model can use to get a print modeling agency, it is best to pay attention to the type of photography you see on print modeling agencies websites. These photos are usually involving the modeling smiling, showing personality in the photo and her outfit is usually not as fashion forward. She might be in jeans, a tank top, a dress, but the appeal of the shot is more about her smile and personality than the clothing. The reason: Commercial print models sell their personality more than their measurements or height. In high Fashion the models are less about personality and smiles and more about making the clothing look good with their attitude coupling the shot.

A print modeling agency wants to see the models personality shine in her photos. A print agency wants to see the models smile and her natural self. Similar to the photos above.

Also I would study ads and commercials involving models that are smiling and modeling a product such as a handbag, a shoe, a cell phone, a travel ad, jewelry,- lifestyle products that every day women use. This is a commercial print model in the ad.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Model Photo: Don't put that Photoshop on my face podcast

Model Photo: Don't put that Photoshop on my face podcast

Model, author Isobella Jade shares how Photoshop can hurt an aspiring models pursuits. She also discusses the importance of having a plan before you get in front of the camera to get better results. Along with sharing her own photography mistakes from her early modeling years, this segment was inspired by her blog post on called "Does your photographer know what agencies look for?”, earlier this week.

You can catch this episode of Model Talk by visiting the show here:

This episode will be live:
1:00 PM
15 Minutes

You can always catch the archive anytime here:

P.s: This week I am giving away a pair of heels from Bakers called Rock & Candy by ZiGi, (They are a SIZE 6!! shoe, the standard shoe model size) however they might fit a size 7 foot), and win a copy of my original modeling memoir Almost 5'4", along with an awesome eyeshadow palette from Forever 21. To win this heels,beauty and book giveaway email me at: your best natural beauty shot and a shot of you modeling a pair of heels like a shoe ad.
The deadline is Friday the 19th. (Put in in the subject please: Heels, beauty and book) The winner will be posted on my blog this weekend. Goodluck!

Shorty Award! The Petite of the Week is Kendra


It's my favorite day of the week, Wednesday, Petite of the Week day!

Kendra is from Muncie, IN and I like her positive attitude when she recently wrote me and said, " I believed the myth that all models had to be 5'9 or above, so I never gave it a second thought. I actually discovered that wasn't true once I became represented by an agency representing both actors and lifestyle/commercial models. I was told to dive into modeling (by an agent mind you) because of my marketable energy and smile. I know that I can't be on the runway, nor do I want to be. It requires more skill and beauty to be a commercial model. I have booked several national ads 3 years into my modeling career, but I'm most proud of my tearsheet from Man Alive clothing stores because it proves that petites CAN model clothes in print...and not only that- I'm curvy to boot! So petite CURVY women can model clothes too! :-) Don't let your height stop you!!!! Kendra "

I agree with Kendra and there many, many brands and retailers out there, which means a need for mroe types of models. Hold tight to your goals and pursuits, set goals, aim for them, be realistic and ambitious about it. Opportunities can be appear with focus and ambition, a realistic mindset and belief.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Giving yourself your big break

A girl on Facebook recently told me she was having a hard time getting a break in modeling.

I am not sure 100% what her vision of A BREAK would be, getting an agency? Getting in a print magazine? Being in a print ad or working non-stop, but it takes ALOT of work to market ones self as a model, and in many different types of industries these days, it is about self promotion and knowing your self, and most important believing:

I replied:

"In modeling, like in life, you have to give Yourself the break, it really does take an amazing amount of self work, and effort to get Yourself one, actually nothing in my life has come from getting a break easy at all, it has come from knocking on doors, submitting, researching, trying, and not giving up. It's is tough. But that is not reason not to try and to believe if you are up to the work it takes."

I hope it inspires you.

Don't be afraid of the work, when you want something.
Don't expect it to be easy when it is a competitive industry.
Being shorter you have to find, create and put a lot of hands on work into getting opportunities. So expect the work it takes to be professional.
Approach the "want" in "wanting to be a model" with already knowing your assets and how you can apply them to modeling for print ads and ad campaigns.
Create photos that show your assets and be professional before you even submit to a modeling agency. Make a modeling comp card. Have your comp card read, be prepared, know what the word model means.
Know before you get infront of the camera what you are shooting for, and focus on showing you can naturally model products.
Understand that the "getting discovered as a model" thing is over, it is about discovering your self :)

The more you know you self, the better you can market you self.


P.s: This week I am giving away a pair of heels from Bakers called Rock & Candy by ZiGi, (They are a SIZE 6!! shoe, the standard shoe model size) however they might fit a size 7 foot), and win a copy of my original modeling memoir Almost 5'4", along with an awesome eyeshadow palette from Forever 21. I went to Forever 21 recently and their beauty section looked really good. To win this heels,beauty and book giveaway email me at: your best natural beauty shot and a shot of you modeling a pair of heels like a shoe ad. The deadline is Friday the 19th. (Put in in the subject please: Heels, beauty and book - if you can.) The winner will be posted on my blog this weekend. Goodluck!

Monday, March 15, 2010

does your Photographer know what agencies look for?

A girl on Facebook recently asked me about Photographers and Photoshop, writing,
"I wanted to ask you about photographers going overboard with photo-shop. So I had an outdoors test shoot with a photographer. From the unedited pics, I just loved. But then when she took them to retouch. I got them back and they don't looked like me. She said most of the pictures came out blurry and she had to do tons of retouching! She took out some of my lines that give my face definition and its depth, and brightened up my skin to the point my boyfriend didn't know it was me.
:( "

Then I told her that a lot of amateur photographers rely on Photoshop and to be aware of this and to strive to only work with a professional and to talk about the retouching process and how much will be touched up or will not be retouched before the shoot. Also it is best to confirm how many photos you will be receiving and if or if not the photos will be retouched. HOWEVER unlike what might sound to be the better opportunity, it is actually BEST TO NOT HAVE YOUR PHOTOS PHOTOSHOPPED. And it is BETTER to receive the photos raw, natural, and untouched.

You can always have someone touch them up later or work something out with the photographer or even pay a graphic design student perhaps to touch up a photo--- but for print modeling you should not have intense Photoshopped or artistic looking photos anyways. You want to show your natural self in your photos for your modeling comp card. You do not want to be airbrushed or overly touched up. You want to look like the girl in the photo 100% from all angles. I hate retouching. And if a photographer is a professional they will not go overboard but always, always, always discuss this BEFORE the shoot. Don’t just shoot to shoot, don’t just get in front of a camera without a plan, and don’t waste time or money. Always and only shoot with a photographer who understands the craft of photography and knows what a print modeling agency likes to see. If you do not shoot with a photographer that understands what a print modeling agencies like to see you will most likely not get photos that will help you. You might get photos, but not ones that work for print modeling and can really help you get ahead.

I shared this info with the girl on Facebook and she wrote back saying,"Yeah, I just figured out that she doesn't really know much about what agencies look for after I talked to her again. But, we gotta learn some where!"

We do learn from mistakes but it is best to have a plan, a purpose for the shoot and to work with a professional who understands what YOU need. It is not just about shooting something, photography for aspiring models is about creating shots that will benefit you and your goals. There is a difference, so make sure your Photographer know what agencies look for.

All that Jazz with Maybelline New York and CVS/pharmacy

Come on, Babe
Why don't we paint the town?
And All That Jazz

Maybelline New York and CVS/pharmacy want to know if you can sing and if you'd like a walk-on role in the Broadway production of CHICAGO the musical as part of the "Be Sensational and Win" contest??

Here is the scoop:

From March 15th to April 15th consumers can enter for a chance at stardom by
visiting the exclusive micro-site -- Perform your favorite song from CHICAGO the musical, and download your audition video for a chance to win. Live auditions will take place on Monday, March 22nd at the Ambassador Theatre in New York, home to CHICAGO the musical, one of New York's longest running musicals. There and at the 150 E. 42nd Street CVS/pharmacy in New York City, Maybelline New York makeup artists will help both contestants and consumers get extra Broadway-ready with mini-makeovers as well as receive CVS/pharmacy coupons for discounts on Maybelline New York products.

During the entire month of April, Maybelline New York will support the "Be Sensational and Win" program through prominent in-store displays in more than 7,000 CVS/pharmacy locations featuring Lash Stiletto mascara and new Color Sensational lipcolor.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Heels, beauty and book giveaway!

Happiness = books, heels and beauty products

This week I am giving away a pair of heels from Bakers called Rock & Candy by ZiGi, (They are a SIZE 6!! shoe, the standard shoe model size) however they might fit a size 7 foot), and win a copy of my original modeling memoir Almost 5'4", along with an awesome eyeshadow palette from Forever 21. I went to Forever 21 recently and their beauty section looked really good. To win this heels,beauty and book giveaway email me at: your best natural beauty shot and a shot of you modeling a pair of heels like a shoe ad. The deadline is Friday the 19th. (Put in in the subject please: Heels, beauty and book - if you can.) The winner will be posted on my blog this weekend. Goodluck!

Also, each week, on Weds I feature a Petite of the Week on this blog as well, so you can also submit for that by emailing your headshot and how you are making strides as a shorter model to

:) Height isn't everything in modeling.

One more thing, you can search this blog with model keywords and find more posts on modeling advice. Yup, just search in the upper left corner box model words like: "print modeling", "model photography", "comp cards" "modeling agencies." I hope it helps!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Portland, Oregon Modeling Agencies

A 14 year old girl recently asked me about modeling agencies in Portland, Oregon, if I lived in Portland, Oregon I'd mail these Modeling Agencies for print work, also I think it is a good idea to pay attention to talent and agencies that have talent for acting because acting and print modeling are friends. There are some that caught my eye. I am basing my search on agencies that appear to NOT be scams and agencies that do not charge fees ahead of time to work with them.
((If you are under 18 I would look at the girls section and notice the photos the models have, and submit a similar headshot, to their lifestyle models division. It mentions on their website under submit that they have open calls but states:
There is no open call for anyone younger than 14, so please submit all children online.

So if under or a child or teen, do not submit photos in swimwear, that is only for adults for their Women divisions, send instead a headshot and a smile shot if you are under 18 through an email, a small jpeg is best of your face and smile.))

For fitness modeling, (no you don't have to be a buff jock to do fitness modeling)

Mail a headshot and or comp card to:
Muse Model Management
1125 SE Division St, Suite # 218, Portland, OR, United States, 97202
They do have most likely a height requirement but if you are 14 and show personality and a smile within your photos for print modeling they might consider it.
They have many divisions, and a petite and plus division as well, however send photos that are similar to the models they have shown on the website. Check out the website first so you make sure you send appropriate photos, you can submit by following the suggestions here on their website.
Do not email photos, this is for acting work and background work, only follow their submissions guidelines which ask you submit here headshot, resume:
Look over the models on the website and always send the appropriate photos.
For kids, infants up to age 15, always and only send the appropriate photos.
Only submit by postal mail headshot, resume.

My recent segment on Model Talk Radio shared 5 tips to a modeling agency when you're short, listen to the segment and others here:

If you have a modeling agency suggestion for Portland, Oregon email me at, thanks.
Voice over agency:

Vans Off the Wall Style Muse Contest

I heard Teen Vogue and Vans are looking for Style Muses. More here at TeenVogue.

TEEN VOGUE and Vans will post the most styling, one-of-a-kind entries on the TEEN VOGUE It Girls Facebook page and each week from February 9 – April 20. Each Style Muse of the Week will receive a Vans Spring ’10 prize package and a special gift from TEEN VOGUE.

TEEN VOGUE is bringing the Vans Spring ’10 collections to life with an Off the Wall fashion show to The Westchester Mall. However, if you don't live near by you can tune in to a live Web cast of the runway show for inspiration. Check out for more information!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Petite of the Week is Jillian


Yay, it's Petite of the Week time. This week the Shorty Award for Petite of the Week goes to Jillian.

In her submission she shared this: " I recently modeled for!"

That's awesome Jillian, see girls, height isn't everything, so put to use what you do have, like your smile, and energy, like Jillian has done well!

Each week a new Petite of the Week is feature on this blog, to show how height isn't everything in modeling, if you are making strides in modeling despite your height submit to be Petite of the Week by emailing me at your headshot and share your acomplishments.

Tune in to Model Talk Radio here:

Your photos explain your goals and ability

The more you think about the brand, the magazine editor, the agent and cast director and ask your self " what would they think and see in my photos" the better. Target how you market your self around the goals you have. If you want to model shoes, accessories beauty, show it in your photos. The more you show you can, the more of a chance you have.

Payless and beauty unite

I read in WWD that Payless is going to sell beauty items in their stores starting this Fall 10'! I think this is cool, and I think for a promotional campaign they should call me and use some of the petite beautiful beauty models I know to sit in stores and be the beauty demo models for a live-in-store beauty demo.

I wonder if LuAnn Via, chief executive officer of Payless would dig it!?

I have many Payless shoes.

I am curious and interested in trying Payless's beauty items and I am sure I will do a video featuring the items that range from $2.99-$19.99.

Here are some of my favorite picks from Payless:
These pink sandals are cute:

These wedges are festive and sophisticated:

This is a fun purple peep-toe I'd wear with black skinny jeans and a denim skirt:

P.s: I remember H&M had beauty items about 4 years ago, and I think they should also launch some beauty items again.