Thursday, February 11, 2010

Three misconceptions of being a model when you’re short

Three misconceptions of being a model when you’re short

Misconception 1.There are no agencies that work with short models. Actually, there are many, you just have to realize the professional print agencies do not advertise, and they only accept photos in the postal mail.

Misconception 2. The agency makes the comp card.
Actually, the model does. A shorter girl should make herself a comp card and mail it to a print modeling agency. Like the chicken or the egg, for a shorter girl opportunities will happen within print modeling and talent agencies, and the comp card comes before the agency often. Like a writer, you need a manuscript normally, proof you have a story, before the book deal.

Misconception 3. Shorter models can only be porn stars or glamour girls.
Actually, don’t be so short sighted, shorter models have and can model anything from sunglasses, nail polish, cosmetics, couches, handbags, jewelry, computers, cell phones, shoes, hair care, and basically any non-high fashion product out there, even modeling for book covers. Not to forget, parts modeling, using your hands, legs, feet, body parts for print ads for national brands and magazines. Modeling is way more than fashion.

The three photos a shorter girl needs to start marketing herself as a model to agencies:

1. A headshot, close-up or beauty shot
2. A full body catalog styled shot that shows your personality.
3.A shot that shows you modeling something, modeling a handbag, a shoe, a cup of coffee, basically showing you “can” model something naturally with confidence and ease.

The more your try, the more you get! :)


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