Friday, February 12, 2010

A short model seeking a modeling agency tips

It all comes down to what YOU do for yourself, how hard you work, how you market your self. I had to strive to get my own tearsheets in magazines, experience and strive to work with professionals at the early days, months and years of my pursuits, it was true work. Not overnight. It was a journey. Building yourself as a model, your modeling portfolio, your compcard, and getting opportunities takes a lot of your own work. It comes down to what you want, and how you seek it out.

I think having some experience, and professional photos that show you have personaltiy, and your assets can help you get opportunities sooner. Especially if you can get some experience through your own self promotion.

When I was starting off modeling, I met a professional photographer through my own self promotion that shot for magazines, he ended up thinking of me for a job for a beauty editorial and it become my first modeling tearsheet, having that experience helped me get an agency to work with me. But that didn't mean life was sweet, it was still a lot of work, to perfect, improve my photos, and the self-hands-on-work that goes into working as a model really comes down to knowing YOURSELF, not having someone tell you what you could do, but YOU knowing.

Getting some experience modeling for a local magazine or with an aspiring brand can help you get opportunities to work with a print modeling agency, especially since a print modeling agency loves to see that you DO have experience.

However, the goal you have should not end with just "getting a modeling agency." The work is not done even when you do have an agency working with you, and as a shorter model often you end up freelancing with a few agencies all at once until you build your portfolio and can seek out exclusive representation later. I always think, no matter what, you have to have a focused mindset, be a positive person, confident and have a marketing mentality and be your own best agent as well. If you do not know what photos print modeling involves then research it, google it, learn about what print modeling is, study lifestyle ads, and this blog! :) There is not one thing that will you find opportunities and find your own success, because finding opportunities to model when your short involves a lot of your own work, many collective days, months and years usually.

Your own hustle makes stuff happen.

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