Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Take on Online Modeling Networks and why skipping is it best

A girl on Facebook asked me " Do you think these model networking sites are a beneficial?

My reply:

As an author and advocate I use blogs, social media, my podcast radio show to promote my advocating about modeling, and share advice on modeling. However I DO NOT use social media to market myself AS a model. I strongly am against these sites.

I use comp cards, headshots, and my agents for professional modeling opportunities. In my modeling memoir Almost 5’4” I share A LOT about social media because the book starts in 2001, when social media was just starting to be a word people use. I plug and share my experiences using model-sites at the start and the ugly that came from it. I do mention model-sites that I had joined at the very start of my pursuits, and they are not sites where professionals are.

Through my mistakes with online social model sites, I learned a new language but the language I soon found was amateur. Word like TFP, "Trade For Pictures" or also known as “Time for Print” which involved amateur photographers working with aspiring models. What I found was often I was A LOT more ambitious than the photographers and the photographers were not even serious or professional or knew how to hold the freakin’ camera anyways.

I suggest models skip the internet-age all together, I know it might seem obvious, “download your photo, work as a model”…but the majority of the stuff on those sites are scams, rip offs, perverts and jerks, and a waste of time. Look at who runs those sites.

Most model-sites are run by a total amateurs who can’t even take a good photo.
Others are run by an online web company which has nothing to do with the modeling business and no one who set it up and launched the site is a legit person in the advertising, publishing, magazine, or branding world.

(it also inspires me to ask, why is it we don't hear about model-sites in the news, or a great model coming from web or Entertaniment weekly, NY Times, WSJ, Glamour, Marie Claire, Vogue, featuring one? Because they are amateur.)

(Also how come a magazine does not advertise on the site or have an association?, because these model-sites are for amateurs, and professionals do not want to associate with that.)

When it comes to modeling pursuits. If a girl “really wants to model” and I mean “really” as in work with brands, magazines, and really market herself well, it takes time, it takes more than the ego boost, and it takes really carefully crafting professional photos that well market you to the right agencies and right jobs, and show your assets very well.

Many girls forget that a “smile shot”, and the 4 photos all aspiring shorter model needs are actually very, very simply to get.

1. A headshot, smiling
2. A facial shot, beauty shot
3. A full body catalog style smiling showing personality
4. Showing you modeling a product, it could be a handbag, a shoe, a watch, jewelry, but showing you know how to “model something”.

Here are some samples:

If you have these shots plus maybe a couple extras, you can start preparing a comp card and put the first images in your portfolio. You will “really” modeling for something; you will “really” be able to call yourself a model when you skip the internet. Skip relying on comments, hits, clicks, and working with amateurs,w hich is what happens on those sites. It is a website for those who are “having fun” with the word model and photographer. VERY few on those sites really do work with quality brands, magazines and are professional.

Even if it means you only do 3 photo shoots a year for a legit brand or magazine, and even if it means mailing your comp card by postal mail to 50 agencies and only hearing back from one, it is better than wasting your time with foolish amateur photographers and Social Networking sites. The words “social networking website, does not go with the word “model”.. Not in the “REAL modeling industry.”

SKIP IT. Make a comp card, and buy a booklet at Barnes and Noble called “The CALL SHEET” it is in the magazine section, under film and TV, it has a list of modeling agencies, casting directors and talent agencies, strive for legit and you will get it.


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