Sunday, February 7, 2010

Modeling in a self-made world

I see a message in my email box from my agent in the subject reads "available tuesday?" It reminds me how being available is a major part of working as a model. Besides ambition and professional photos, and knowing your assets, being available is what it takes to get ahead, get opportunities, and make it happen, in this self made world. Sometimes simply being available has helped me book modeling jobs.

If you are an aspiring model and trying to do the right things, it is best to "know your self, what is marketable about your self, why do you make a good model? What could you model for?

Before you create photos and submit or meet with an agency.

And you should also know the words modeling agency for a non-fashion model is different than what it means for a tall giraffe.

Instead of agencies that only work with models of a certain height there are MANY agencies out there today for print and lifestyle type commercial modeling jobs. However the relationship for an aspiring model who have no modeling experience might not be what she has hoped. Agencies do not give you that personal attention and the relationship is not breed you into become a model. They are a part of your marketing your self as a model, a great part to have, but if you are expecting to have someone really pushing for you to succeed, you can forget it. You can get professional photos, mail the agencies, get an agency working with you, but for a shorter girl or unconventional girl, no matter your size or where you live it is about the consistant re-vamping of your photos, comp card, portfolio, improving your self as a model does not end.

Modeling in the self-made world we have today is not about putting yout photo on a social site, it is not about just one single movement, it is about many steps and many days, and years of working at it.

Modeling in this self-made world is about knowing your self, what you can offer, and marketing that to the right people who can take what you have and market it. But it starts with you. With you knowing your self, knowing what is sellable towards ads campaigns, product ads, editorials, commercials, and if you know your self before you mail the modeling agency your photos you will have a better starting launch pad.

If you know your self, and you strive to create your professionl photos your comp card will then be more professional as well, and then it just comes down to finding the right agencies, and people who see what you have an asset.

It is not easy, modeling, really "modeling something, for something" is not easy as a shorter girl, but if you know your self, and you accept the work, opportunities are possible,


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