Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Modeling Agencies in Baltimore, Maryland AGENCY SPOTLIGHT

A girl on Youtube recently sent me a message saying " I currently live in Maryland, so i was wondering what agencies are the best in the CD or Maryland area that you think i should check out?"

My reply, Baltimore, Maryland AGENCY SPOTLIGHT:

These are print modeling agencies I would submit a comp card and/or headshot to.

Hence why it is important to have a comp card and headshot. To get an agency when you are not fashion model height, you must make it your self to submit by postal mail to print agencies. Print agencies DO NOT often make your comp cards for you, and often it can be a scam if they offer too, so beware of scams. While googling I found these agencies, I suggest creating commercial print modeling photos, styled for print modeling, hence looking at the agencies websites and getting an idea of the type of photos and models they work with you will notice a smile is a big thing to include in your compcard and within your marketing material...so make sure you perfect your photos, and target them to print modeling agencies, which is where a shorter girl can find opportunities. This link will also help you when it comes to creating commercial print friendly photos:

DO NOT submit through an email, mail the agencies in the postal mail, you come off more professional. Only look at the website to get inspired on the idea of similar photos you should create and send and also get the agencies postal mailing address:

Here are a few that caught my eye.





A model that was a featured shoe model at my book party for my graphic novel Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior suggested to check out these agencies, as Maryland is her hometown:

THE ( The artist agency)
Nova Models ( baltimore Md)
Style Elite (DC)
Doran Model & Talent Agency (DC)
The Model Connection
L&M Modeling

Google these, check out their submission suggestions.

Again, usually, you MUST have a comp card and headshot already made to submit to these agencies. Modeling for a shorter girl is about your own self promotion and creating your own marketnig tools, unlike fashion modeling it is a place for a shorter girl to find opportunities but you do not get the hands on attention, when it comes to your marketing material. Like an actor makes a headshot a shorer print model needs to make her comp card.

There are other agencies out there, but I strive to only list and mention ones that are not scams, and do not charge you to join the agency or work with them. Should you have a comment please email me at petitepride@yahoo.com.



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