Thursday, February 18, 2010

Model Photo Review tips for making a comp card

Often girls ask me to review their photos, and pick the ones I think would make a good model comp card. When I have extra time I do help out. Today I went through images of two girls and shared why their photos were working and why they weren't, I picked the best, and noticed some of the same things going on. It is a common thing to "just take a cute photo" but there is a different between "even a creative, interesting photo" and "one that will help you as a print model."

Here are some tips for picking the right photos for your comp card.

Let's start with this example of two photos of myself, one would work for a print modeling comp card and one would not.

Can you tell which?

While the one with the makeup, hair and funky bikini top (I made that actually), is a fun photo to look at, the photo that will not appeal to a print modeling agency. The one where I am smiling will, showing you can put your personality to use to sell a product, is best.

The more your photos show your personality the better. Also close up beauty shots are important for a print model to have. Focus on marketing your self with shots that show you modeling a project naturally and with ease. Looking like the photo is an ad, looking like you can model for something.

Taking a cool photo isn't enough. Creating "marketable photos" is the way.

Comp card tip: To print compcards and headshots I've uses mention to them I refered you, but don't make a comp card until you have professional photos that market you well towards realistic modeling opportunities, and think of what the print agency wants to see,- it is your smile and personality. Also always see a proof of your comp card in person, snail mailed to you so you can make sure the colors look natural. Sometimes colors on the computer screen do not look as appealing when printed, always see a proof in person.

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