Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How female lifestyle magazines can inspire models

If you are under 5'7" lifestyle magazines will become a good friend. To get inspired for the type of photos you need for print modeling it is best to observe ads and editorials that involve the face, the personality, smiles, and energy of the model. Not the pout, attitude, or high fashion latest trends, but instead focus on where models of all types, sizes and ages are used to model products. In the latest issue of Glamour magazine I noticed these ads that show the models personality and also an assortment of products, from coffee, Orajel, Tide, and beauty. Ads where it isn't about the models height. Observe these ads, and use images like this as a guide for the type of photos you should include on your comp card as an aspiring model, especially if you are petite. Also this post from my blog about photography for shorter models can inspire you. - isobella
P.s: My tips on Glamour.com about how shorter models can look longer in photos here.

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