Friday, February 26, 2010

goodbye forever perfect teeth

Over years I have learned how to work with my teeth. Control my teeth, and not let them control me. What I mean is I have imperfect teeth, well, that is it if you consider perfection when someone doesn't have a gap between their teeth and doesn't have an overbite. We all have imperfections. In High School teeth were something I observed in other girls. Many of the girls had braces already or maybe were just born with straight teeth. It felt like everyone had straight, together put teeth.

In my family, my mother and sister have a gap between their teeth. My grandmother did as well. In a sense the gap represents my roots. I have, overtime, learned to accept my gap, like it, even call it a trademark of my face. I think it gives me character.

Recently on my Youtube video page where I give tips about modeling, there was a comment that beauty models must have perfect teeth. I don't agree.

If your teeth are not bright as the full moon and perfectly straight you can still model and still be a beauty model. Beauty modeling involving modeling for cosmetics, skincare, and many lifestyle ads for products of all types from sunglasses, to jewelry, and hair care use all types of models. And many times the model's teeth are not even seen. Also many ads are using models with gaps now, and the perfect teeth thing is not a big thing anymore in modeling. If you got even teeth, that's great, if you don't, it's not a big thing. It won't hold you back, not if you are ambitious.

I have come to grips with my not perfectly straight teeth and gap and overbite. I have learned to work with it, and smile all the time with confidence, because even if your teeth are not perfect you can still express your energy, friendly attitude, upbeat persona and why you make a print model in your photos.

No matter how your teeth look, you should get a beauty shot done, a close up of your face as shot that has the essence of a beauty shot. Showing teeth or not.

You aren't alone, Lauren Hutton, Lara Stone have gap between their teeth, and here are a list of other models with gap teeth.

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Lauren said...

Agreed! In my small opinion, being natural is more beautiful than buying fake beauty. People have to learn to be more comfortable in their own skin and emphasize what they do have. XoXo LC