Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion News that caught my eye

Department store in UK launches size 16 mannequins in shop windows to reflect shape of average woman-- I think this is great and I like that their trying but the proportions in the image within the article seem a bit off. I do think more stores should have different variations of mannequins, however I have never seen a petite mannequin, I would like to see one day, read more here:

"If we push this any skinnier, any thinner, then they are going to have to widen the runway so this person can have a feeding tube on wheels," says Lynn Grefe, chief executive officer of the National Eating Disorders Association.
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Attack of the Size 4 Model:

Here is an article in the NYTIMES called Going All Lengths for Lashes. I think $5 mascara can do the trick + an eyelash curler, --lash serum and lash enhancing products make me nervous.

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