Monday, February 22, 2010

DESIGNER FEATURE: Petite Jeans by Allison Izu

This is awesome. I recently discovered jeans designer Allison Izu, she is original, creative, and knows petite women. She is one. Standing only 5'2" she launched her jeans collection catered towards a shorter girl, and I recently asked her some questions about her collection and designing for the vertically challenged (like me!). She also is offering my readers an additional 20% off their purchase, see below!!! :)

Isobella Jade: Allison, you have an amazing collection of jeans and you use petite models to model your jeans because they are meant for a petite fit, what do you look for when casting a model? Also can you give us some behind the scenes of the photo-shoot?

Allison Izu: Moving forward I want to shoot my jeans on different sizes models, of different ethnicities and ages. I want to show my clothing on all types of petite women, because that is what I believe the brand is for, every woman who is 5'5" and shorter.

I love photo shoots, it's one of my favorite jobs as a fashion designer. Its fun and creative - and the models are always up to trying new & innovative things. I love to work with models who are fun and energetic! Most of the time, I am running around like a crazy person, touching up makeup, pulling jeans straight, fixing hair, etc. But its still a lot if fun!

IJ: Shopping for jeans can be hell when you are short, can you share some tips that can help a shorter girl look taller in her jeans? What should she look for when shopping for jeans?

AI: I think first of all know your body. You have to try on all styles, so you can figure out what fits your body best, I like to recommend a darker denim, with a straighter silhouette. And if you can find a jean with a higher waist, it will definitely elongate your legs.

I also think you should try on as many brands and styles, and bring the shoes you will be wearing with the jeans. If it is a "going out with the girls" jeans then bring your stilettos, or if it is the jeans you are wearing while lounging at home, or at the coffee shop, then bring your comfortable ballet flats.

If you are not able to find jeans that are the perfect length for you, then I recommend washing your jeans first before going to hem them.

IJ: I really like your PANIO LOW RIDER: Bootcut, UK ZIPPED: Super Skinny style, and your UK ZIPPED CAPRI looks super cute with a pair of heels for Spring/Summer. What styles do you think a petite girl should be sure to check out from your collection?

AI: I try to design for different body types & personalities, which is why I usually do a trouser jean, and higher-waisted jean with a wide leg, a bootcut, a skinny, and now a super skinny. I hope everyone will be able to find a style which suits their body. But I think the most popular is usually the Trouser (Honolulu jean) and the Straight-Skinny (Kolohe). I personally wear the UK zipped all the time! It's a casual jean for me with flats and then I can wear them tucked into boots for Fall, or with some sexy stilettos for a night out. I think they are so fun & versatile.

I think you should have fun and try on as many styles and sizes as you like. We pay for your first return, so I tell people to order 2 sizes & different styles to see what works.

I'd love to give your readers a discount coupon to my online store. The coupon code is "F10Almost54" for an additional 20% off their purchase (minimum order of $100). FREE Shipping for purchases of $99 or more.

IJ: WOW! Thank you!

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